Derbyshire 177 - Chesterfield - Week 26- Autumn is coming , hand face space and the rule of six /mushrooms and conkers

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September 14th 2020
Published: September 16th 2020
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"Let your mind wander in the pure and simple " The words of Chuang Tzu rang in my ears as I walked . Autumn is coming with Winter just around the corner . It seems a little strange to say winter is coming when the sun is beaming down. It is 25 degrees at least and feels much warmer. The sun has been like a large red ball in the sky. The wildfires of the USA seem to have created some kind of phenomenon where the smoke has been picked up by the jet stream . The jet stream has carried it across the Atlantic and coloured up our September sun. But nevertheless Autumn is lurking there quietly but there nevertheless .

There are two more weeks to September and then another three before the clocks change . The lights are having to be put on in the mornings . It is now much darker than it was a few weeks ago. The lights come on earlier at night . The heating even pops on some mornings. Walks take on a different meaning than those of early Spring when I thought Covid was going to be over and done with quickly. It is still with us . The new mantra is "Hands , Face , Space " How effective it will be remains to be seen? Hands wash them often . Use the hand santizers that have become a part of normal life . Keep your hands from your face . Don't keep re-using masks. Don't wear them under your chin. Use them to cover your nose . These are the rules of Covid as the . Keep your distance - Dont mix with other households . As I walked I found myself thinking more and more about how we as a country are trying to minimise the disruption of Covid . And not being very successful .

. The rule of 6 applies . No more than six from two households can meet up. The mixed messages keep coming . If your sister visits your parents you can't go there at the same time . Yet the three families could book three separate tables at the pub and socialise . We can stand seven of us in the reception of the swimming pool . That is Ok. Lockdown yet again seems just round the corner . Lurking there and waiting patiently to pounce. It is hard to feel positive. With the shorter days just around the corner , the conkers on the trees, mushrooms turning up everywhere and a slight yellowing of the leaves. Autumn is definately ready to pounce on us . Blackberry and Apple Pies , Elderberry jelly . Autumn is a purple coloured month .

With each step I ponder Christmas . What will become of Christmas ? All those office parties . Cancelled due to Covid . All those people expecting to go back to work . It does not feel like it will happen . We are all in for a rocky ride. The PM says we must all now get back to work . The High Streets need our trade . People seem genuinely scared to go out . What has Covid done to us and will we ever get normal back? .

It feels odd being back off holiday so soon. We came home to do a viewing . A lovely lady with her son. She enthused about the house . She gushed . Her son tried to be practical . It was in the right place for her . Would it suit her husband ? We have steps . Could he manage them? And dogs . So many questions to be resolved . She went away to think about it leaving us wondering if she would even come back again with her husband . We were disappointed to come home early . We felt stir crazy. We suffered cabin fever . We wondered if we would ever move . The leaves on the trees are starting to drop. Who would have guessed all this year would be wasted .

Our Caxton card is still full of euros waiting to be spent. Gabby needs a wash . We have a wad of euros . Will we get to spend them in 2020? The tunnel is booked again . We are optomistic we will get away. Brittany - perhaps . We dont need to go far . Just far enough to get out of the Uk and enjoy a bit of Europe . If they let us in after the mess we find ourselves in with Brexit . No Mr and Mrs Jones you are not European any more . Go home you Brexiteers . Normandy - we could try Falaise again? . The computer is out as is the Atlas . We need a plan . Today is going to be the start of yet another plan . Third time lucky perhaps ?


16th September 2020

I love planning my next trip...
I hope this time your plans work out. With a vaccine right around the corner, perhaps life will start to get back to normal. And as for not being European, welcome to the club. This has never affected my ability to travel to and around Europe except for the current lockdown that has affected everyone.
17th September 2020

We are not so confident on a vaccine here . The Oxford Trials seem to be going Ok until they had to stop them and then restart them . The talk here is that the vaccine wont be ready for quite some time and if it does work it may have to be tweeked every year like the flu vaccines . We are well hated in Europe and it has got worse since Brexit . Will have to learn to stand in the non EU line at the borders . Not used to it . Not done it for 40 years it will be novelty. Perhaps I can start collecting stamps in my passport LOL . Boris is making a hash of it all so it cant get much worse

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