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May 29th 2020
Published: May 29th 2020
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Is it too much to go to bed every night and hope that tomorrow things will be different ? Is it too much to wake up in the morning and hope that they have changed . Things are changing little by little . Too fast for some . Far too slow for others . I am in the middle . Sometimes sitting on the fence wondering how I would approach lifting lockdown. I tell myself no-one is paying me to enough to put this situation to right but I wish someone would get a grip. 69 days ago feels like a lifetime away. We would have been almost at the tunnel today at Coquelles. Our Scandavian holiday would be over and we probably would have been craving for beans on toast, a bath - a long soak in bubbly suds. Lying there in as much water as we wanted . Life would have been getting back to normal and work. As I looked at the photobooks on the shelf I realised we won't have a book of photographs for Apri/May 2020. I wondered if we might get one for June 2020 but doubted it .

So what has changed from yesterday . It was still sunny and hot as I set out for my walk . Plan to explore a path round the golf course . In the end I decided not to. Nothing to see to my left just a hedge and nothing to the right . In the end I doubled back to the woodland which had been a haze of blue a few weeks ago but now had no colour apart from green. I thought how silly it was that the four countries that make up the UK should have such different rules . The main things like doctors being closed, hairdressers not open, cafes shut were all the same . But over the last few weeks England has opened up more than the other nations . We can if we want travel across England all the way from top to bottom or from side to side . Safe as long as we dont try to get into Wales or Scotland who are still closed for business . In the quiet of the wood I went through in my head what was going on . You can travel in Scotland but only as far as you can get without needing the toilet . If you have to stop at a relatives to use the toilet then you have travelled too far . Now that causes a problem for those with bladder problems . How far can you travel without the need to use the loo? In Wales you can now travel 5 miles to see relatives . i thought that if mum had been alive I still would not have been able to go in her house as she lived 18 miles away from us . No campsites open anywhere but the news is that they might open in June sometime. We wont be able to have a shower nor use the toilets but that is a small sacrifice to pay. Who needs them anyway ? Gabby is self sufficient . As long as we can get water we can shower. We can wash and we can flush the loo. As long as we can dump we dont need all these fancy facilities do we?

We need to get on the road but the quarantine of 14 days at the moment that the government are imposing is holding things up. Until that is sorted out we wont be going abroad . We heard this morning our motorhoming neighbour is dying. Nothing to do with Covid 19. He was a lovely man who stopped to talk to us about our travels . Talked about his trips in his van to see his family abroad . It made us realise much more just how slender a hold we have on life and how all this being shut up at home eats into that freedom. We itch to get on the road . It is gnawing away at us . June a lovely month when the nights are long and the days sunny. The sort of weather we should be away . When I got home we talked holidays . We had recieved our MMM magazine - a magazine dedicated to motorhoming . There were articles on local trips to the Wye Valley - very nice never really been . Jaunts to Ross on Wye - went there years ago in the hot summer of 1976. The Algarve overwintering . We made a list of places to see - stay at Sintra and go on the train to Lisbon, Lagos, Albeirfeira . The weather next winter will be fine - better than here . 20 degrees . We may be completely out of the EU by then which will mean more queuing at border controls to get into and out of France . No hospital treatment on our Health cards . We will need a GB sticker . We have one already as we needed one for Croatia . A green card from our insurance . And we wont be able to stay indefinately . OUr right to free travel stops . 90 days rather than indefinately . It feels like we have maybe shot ourselves in the foot . We wanted to limit migration but we have skuppered our own right to free travel . I wonder if things will change after a while . Would the EU allow us back ? They might want our money we thought as we supped coffee and ate chocolate biscuits . They want to sell their wine here and their cars . Would a vote now change the result ? I am pretty sure it would . We read on and on and then came to an advert for the company who fitted our lithium batteries . Glenn read a part out and said "that sounds like our report " and yes it was . They had used the email we had sent them praising the workmanship and efficiency of the battery . Every word true - the batteries were expensive but brilliant . All we need now is to get on the road and use them.


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