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May 23rd 2020
Published: May 23rd 2020
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Someone once told me the story of the escape tunnel . A colleague at work was partially retired . He had about two years to go and had purchased a new car with a credit agreement . His plan was to work for the two years and the wages would pay the debt off . He likened it to being in a prison and digging his way out. He dug a little closer to the retirement date every day and every week. He had the dates written down and crossed the days off as they passed. 2 years he said and that time will pass quickly . I used to laugh at him . Two years was a long time . However he was right . In the end the two years did pass. He paid the debt off and he retired . Lockdown is a bit like that but the difference is that there is not an end date in sight . Another week and we will hear Boris again telling us what happens next . A slight opening up of restrictions and perhaps schools opening but we have another week to wait to find out what the changes will be.

I woke early to the sound of rain and wind. They used to say that we experienced four seasons in a day. Today we experienced March weather with the wind and the soft rain of April. I had a mission today. I needed to get some cash to pay for turf which is arriving next week. My feet had stopped aching finally. Perhaps I have got used to all this walking. Even though it was windy I felt that I needed to get up and out. Today felt different . Nothing really had changed apart from the fact that we got out in Gabby yesterday . For the last eight weeks we had done what we were told. Stay in . We had gone into Gabby a few times to check her over. Her batteries were still working fine. We had moved her slightly to get her tyres turned . Today we decided it was time to take her for a ride. She started up straight away and off we set . The seaside was an option but we felt that perhaps that was overstretching us today . Perhaps the thought that it was a Bank Holiday weekend put us off . Instead we drove down to the A38 - the main road from Derby to the M1. It felt as if we were going on holiday as this is a route we often take. On to the motorway . On at one junction and off at the next . We did not drive far but it was far enough to make us realise that we were missing our life on the road in the motorhome.

Today was back to more of the same walking but it felt better knowing we had been out in Gabby. Down Hockley Lane we are heading . I walked past the drive to the old walled gardens of the hall. I would have loved to walk to see them but the sign private on the gate kept me out. My head was full of news that is coming out of Greece. They want tourists to their holiday resorts . They are missing the money that tourists bring in . A list of countries had come out and we are not amongst them.We are not welcome yet as we have not conquered Coronvirus , Despite the fact that our deaths have dropped by 50% and continues to drop. By the time I had reached the A61 I had moved from holidays in Greece to holidays in Cyprus . Their government too had offered glimmers of hope of a summer sun season . But yet again we are on the naughty step . Our numbers of infections are too high for the likes of both countries . How do you compare countries against each other ? Some say that Britain is at the top. Number one at the top of the charts with numbers dying . In reality we are probably number 6. Countries compare deaths in different ways . We are comparing unlike with unlike . Belgium is number 1 apparently . A smaller country with more deaths compared to its size of population . We are cheek by jowl with our neighbours - France is much bigger with much more landmass. Therefore a different country and a different set of conditions . I felt that we are trying to compare unlike with unlike .

The local school children had made scarecrows . One of a doctor and the other another worker . They must have had fun filling the heads and decorating the clothing. My walk took me across to the new Methodist Church . I wondered two things as I walked by . The first was why the church built such a utilitarian building . A plain white box . The only sign of an older chapel was the sign over the door must have once sat above the old chapel door. I wondered what a 22nd century walker would think of the plain building which had no style to it . Would they think that we the builders were innovative, Cheapskate or practical? I wondered what a historian in the future would think about Covid 19. Comparing each countries performance I pondered on what they might make of the way we have performed.

Having picked up my money the reason for my walk was over. It was time to head home and have that usual cup of coffee and piece of cake .


23rd May 2020

I don't see why you cant go up the M1 if Dominic Cummings can drive 250miles!!! I'm going to see my family next week in Bristol!! I've had enough of 'Do as I Say, not as I Do!! x
24th May 2020

doing a Dom
Hi Jackie You could tell Mark Drakeford on your way back that you were just doing a Dom . Hopefully Wales will open soon . My daughter is back at school a week on Monday . Doing one week on and one week off . Apparently as a TA she is not allowed to work with the kids but will spend all her day deep cleaning . She said about 14 children were going to come back and it is going to be awful . Did you listen to Boris tonight ? Oh dear . No respect for him at all xx
24th May 2020

Yes I saw Boris! I am still angry about Dominic Cummings and to listen to him back him up was. well, shocking! Boris has made so many mistakes,I cant respect him anymore at all. I think you will be ok with a Campervan travelling - I thought they were going to open France but it is not to be at the moment. Campervans are definitely safer than hotels!! I really dont know what we are going to do this year! Sit and rot I expect!! Ironic - I actually get my Pension money in September and prob wont be able to go anywhere to spend it!! Shopping online is it then!!!
25th May 2020

I am still shocked
Well - I still feel angry and annoyed at what I heard last night . Our local MP has come out siding with Boris . That might be the death knell for him at the next election . Glenn and I have had differing views on Boris . Glenn quite liked him . I thought him a bumbling idiot and I wonder who is wagging the dogs tail here . DC must have something on him or he is so thick skinned he cant see right from wrong . Just been listening to Nichola Sturgeon and at least she had the balls to come out and say she got it wrong with her adviser but soon realised that mistake she was making . Contempt - the utter contempt beggars belief . I am hoping we will get off sometime . The train is still booked for September . Everything crossed . I dont know if I will go back to work . On the one hand I feel fed up being at home but on the other realise that at 68 I really have to finish some time and I dont think the job is ever going to be the same . I have been listening to Boris heaping praise on us for delivering Universal Credit during the crisis . We have had an offer for a payrise - between 1.5% and 2% Thanks is about all we are worth . I have not had a decent pay rise for about 10 years . Over the last four I got 0.25% each year . So effectively I have going backwards . God I feel angry . September will come round and who knows what life will be like . WE will survive - I am sure . xx

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