Derbyshire 115 - Chesterfield - Day 61 and a sheeps view of Wingerworth

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May 20th 2020
Published: May 21st 2020
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If you follow the blog you might wonder what happened to me yesterday. For some reason Day 61 I found that I was a bit devoid of ideas . I had walked every path , seen into every garden and listened to every bird singing . I was struggling to find things to see and talk about. It seems as if Coronavirus has been going on for so long that I feel as if I am going round and round in ever decreasing circles . It was the 61st walk of the lockdown . As I could not think of anything to write I was interrupted by our friend and travelling companion Sion. Well travelled he was finding lockdown very difficult . His world had shrunk. Our house and our garden. For a sheep who loves travelling it was like being in prison . In a prison where someone had thrown away the key. He felt he needed a bit of fresh air and to see a different viewpoint. He was as disappointed as we were not being on holiday . He looked lovingly at Gabby and wondered when we ever would eat and sleep in her.

He made a suggestion - well it was more a threat . Take me out or else . He and his best friend Woolly Mammoth were used to being world travellers in search of manholes and latrines . He suggested to me that perhaps he might find an interesting toilet along the way or perhaps a manhole . Sadly I had to tell him in 61 days I had found not one manhole of interest and latrines did not exist . He did look a little sad . However he chirped up that he might find something to do with Hadrian as we lived close to the Roman road Rykneld Street . Again I had to disappoint him . Not much sign of the roman road existed and I doubted that Hadrian had walked this way on his way up North . But then again ...................... He was keen to set out before it got too hot . The sun was already high in the sky as I had been shopping . My visit to the supermarket had been as bad as ever . Not much of a queue and not quite the bunfight it can be at times . I joined the fairly short queue of 5 people and waited for the shutter to go up and we could be let in to rummage the shelves and fill our trolleys . A lady joined me and told me it was her first time out . She sidled close to me and I shuffled further away . As far as I could without climbing on top on my nearest neighbours . She asked if the shop opened at 7 and was I aware that I would only be allowed to buy 5 items . News to me I said as I looked at my four large reusuable bags thinking five items would get lost inside them . I assured her she was wrong . I was glad to get home - half way through another week . Another shop done and a bleating sheep waiting for me .

After the quickest of quick cups of coffee I collected Sion ."Are you ready ?" He smiled back at me and said he was . He also told me that he needed to write something as his best friend Woolly had published another adventure "A Mammoth serving of Noodles and Rice " or was it Rice and Noodles he said . An adventure with Jo and Zoe which he intends to read .

Ok Sion off we go for a walk "Walk , WALK , - me walk - I dont think so " he shouted . "My paws will get dusty and that means washing and water ."

It is fair to say a sheep and the words water and sheep wash dont always go together . I had to get my small red shoulder bag bought many years ago in Venice and load my furry friend inside . He was never going to walk down nor up these hills . My walk took me longer than usual . Yes it was over the same ground. Up Hockley Lane but every time we passed someone Sion popped up and started to talk to them. He had not spoken to other humans for so long he felt the need to converse with each and every one of them .

" Converse - of course I wanted to converse and had it not been for the dust and the wet stuff I would have stayed all day and helped the man up the road with his concreting " I am sure he would have been delighted

. I let Sion loose for a while while we walked or shuffled around the churchyard . "Do you know Jen peered over the fence trying to find a pond in the old Hall grounds . She even tried to go and see the old East and West Wings " Private property I had no chance . I couldnt even argue it was Sion who took me there to see them. We walked or more like it I walked and he snoozed in my bag down to the Hunloke Arms . A pub now closed due to Corovirus . It has been a Harry Ramsden fish and chip shop . Expensive and not that thrilling . A high class eaterie where the food was prettily served but that was about all you could say. By now it was getting far to hot to walk much further . The only one not feeling weary was Sion who was still sleeping away dreaming no doubt about pistachios and Jaffa Cakes when he got home .

And tomorrow will be another walk and Sion says I have to tell you about the castrated fish .


21st May 2020

Yes, I missed your blog yesterday, and feared that you had stopped writing this classic series.
As for ever decreasing circles, we loved that BBC program! And as for Sion, he hasn't been in your blogs lately, so I was glad that you took him for a walk.
22nd May 2020

Morning Bob - I often wonder about some of our programmes - how they translate when seen in other countries . The humour can be so typically British it is hard to understand at times . Ever decreasing Circles was a good one . Have you ever watched One foot in the grave - similar humour . Then there is Only Fools and Horses . That is a classic . We took the sheep for a ride this morning in Gabby . It felt good . Hope things Ok with you . We hear from a relative in Missouri and she is really fed up with it all . We have heard that anti body tests are coming along well here and we may have them very quickly . glenn had a dreadful cold - worse than the cold but different in January - soon after we got back from France. We wonder if he has had Covid 19 . Keep safe
22nd May 2020

When we lived in Belgium from 1984 to 1995 we mostly watched BBC and enjoyed all the comedies. Other favorites were Yes, Prime Minister, To the Manor Born, Allo. Allo, Faulty Towers, Black Adder (and anything with Mr. Bean), and Keeping Up Appearances. I hope Glen gets well soon.
23rd May 2020

Meant to say he had a cold in January or something much worse but not quite bronchitis . It took weeks to go but did eventually . Love all those programmes - have a look at Upstart Crow if you can get it . Written by the same team who wrote Blackadder . I am sure you would like it . Its about Shakespeare and is very funny

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