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March 9th 2020
Published: March 9th 2020
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At the moment we are in a funny old place . Life seems on hold . So many things are going on in our busy old lives. The election back end of last year, the leadership election , Brexit and now the leaders election for the Labour Party , the Transition period and floods - two storms and more on the way . Then there is Coronavirus . Shelves emptied of handwash , toilet rolls and pasta . The whole world seems to have gone mad and I want to jump off it .

John Aske a prominent Buddhist gave me a bit of inspiration today when I read my calendar offering . "Unhappiness and rain just drift by and are gone. They are visitors ". Ok the rain has only been drizzling today so that is a start . Maybe tomorrow it won't rain at all. We can only hope. Perhaps we will not be bombarded with debates from politicians , perhaps the bulk buyers will stop their ridiculous behaviour and who knows about Brexit? . That will rumble on . Will we need International Driving licences this year? We should not need them. Do we need Green Cards? No we should not . How will we find Europe? Who knows? It is in lockdown in Italy and the numbers of people infected seem on the rise . We are counting down our holiday and hoping that we won't have to cancel .

So what have we done? Walked with an eye on the emergence of Spring. The trees are definately greener this week than they were last week. The catkins are blowing in the breeze. As I walked past the local school I noticed the sign that most people don't even notice . A sign that gave its origins and its year of construction. The soldier in the school grounds was made for the 1918 - 2018 celebrations. I was walked past him many times . He was made of metal and stood proud. How many people pass him without a thought.

We headed for Crystal Peaks . A shopping centre on the outskirts of Sheffield . It's been years since my last visit . We called last time at the Cinema to watch Captain Corellis Mandolin. Not being a shopaholic it was odd to wander round the shops with no intention to buy much. It seems nothing much is happening . However there is always a trip in the pipeline if you think hard enough about it. Down south perhaps . Chichester , Winchester and Salisbury .


9th March 2020

Mad World!
The world has indeed gone mad!! I want to get off too.....going to Spain tomorrow! Going to travel as long as possible - but have held off on the Japan cruise at the moment! Its a mad world!
10th March 2020

Safe travels to both of you. Feel very envious - I am off for a week in a couple of weeks . Cant wait . Going south - to Winchester and Salisbury . Glenn full of a cold at the moment and he has a sore throat . Nothing more than a cold . . No toilet rolls in the shops, Its mad up here . I am back at work tomorrow so that will be interesting as I deal with the great unwashed . Had you booked the Japan cruise ? A lady I swim with (we rarely share names :)) went to Singapore a few weeks ago for a cruise and was sent back home . Cruise didnt happen . Rebooked for end of the year . I think there is some kind of mad panic going on . Everyone who seems to be really ill are old and have some health issue. Glenns nephew just rang him from London to find out if he was OK as he considered Glenn to be old !!!! He is 73. He should be more concerned for his mum who has respiratory problems and his dad who had stem cell therapy a few years ago. They are at risk . We are Ok I hope . Have a lovely time . I am sure you will
20th March 2020

hope you are OK
Hi - hope you are both OK and safe . Are you in Spain ? We had to cancel this weeks holiday and have put the April holiday on hold . Moved the tunnel until September when hopefully things will be back to normal . xx
20th March 2020

hope you are OK
Lockdown in Spain since last Saturday! Things moved very quickly here as we arrived on the 10th, led a walk on the 11th and Spain was shut down by 13th!! We have had two flights cancelled but hoping to get an early morning Vueling flight tomorrow 6.35am. Haven't heard that its been cancelled yet! Worrying times for all of us. Stay safe and keep in touch! xx

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