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December 20th 2017
Published: December 20th 2017
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Well hello there - it's me Gabby. I really think Jen has been rather remiss in not telling you all about me. She didn't even bother putting a photo of me on the last blog. So what shall I tell you? They bought me weeks ago and I had to sit on a neighbours drive because they could not get me on the drive. It's not that I am large , in fact I am smaller than the other old girl Suzy. I am 2.58metres high. I am 6 metres long and 2 metres .05 wide although you shouldn't ask a lady how wide she is. I am a PVC apparently - a panel van conversion otherwise known as a camper van. I'm German and very efficient.

I am gold coloured. I stand out much more then Suzy did. I think I am much prettier too. I got on the scales and weigh in at 3.300 tons although I should have been a bit coy about that. On my roof I have a rather nice solar panel so when I sunbathe the suns rays work wonders topping up my batteries. I have got two leisure batteries but I run on diesel . That smelly stuff the government hate and want to phase out. If I am in the right mood I can do over 32 miles per gallon but if I decide to be awkward I do less. I have a tracker fitted so Jen and Glenn cannot lose me. In fact they can see me on their phone. I wail loudly if sometime takes me without permission. I have a nice yellow gaslow tank filled with gas. I have a big locker - no it's not a big bum - its under the bed and I can store everything we need for a holiday abroad.

Inside I have a nice wooden posh floor. Not a carpet but something much more attractive. I have a table so that Jen and Glenn can sit and eat breakfast or play scrabble. My kitchen is very neat. Ok my sink is smaller than Suzys sink but its rather a nice steel one. My cooker is smaller and I have two rings. I have a nice fridge and some lovely cupboards. Very modern I am - shiny white cupboards called the Elegance range. Top of the range -nothing cheap for me. I deserve the best. I am warm inside with my gas heater. Lovely and cosy during the winter.

What about a T.V? I don't have one but you never know they might buy me one. I am looking forward to my adventures abroad. France here I come.


20th December 2017

The van looks lush!! I wondered yesterday why there were no pics! France was very cold when we were there 10 days ago!! Good luck on your travels
21st December 2017

It is rather odd going from a motorhome to a panel van. I still am not sure how we ended up there. Lets just say a puncture in Italy, being in the right place at the right time and seeing one in Bologna . Wish we were in France now - Christmas is definitely going to be in the UK sadly but counting down to April already and France. Have a lovely Christmas - x
21st December 2017

So pretty
What a good looking van. Our Jez is most definitely male.
21st December 2017

Jez -
Named after Jezzer from Top Gear ? Are you writing Blogs anywhere ? Love reading them from other people and seeing where they take their vans.
21st December 2017

Welcome, Gabby...
so how did you pick that name?
21st December 2017

how did we pick the name
Well - we thought long and hard Bob - Suzy was Suzy Sundance so she had to be something starting with a G. We started with Globestar and thought that she is on a Fiat base engine so something Italian - hence Gabriella - shortened to Gabby as she is also German built and it seemed to fit . We just love Gabby and cant wait to get away again . Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas

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