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April 20th 2008
Published: April 20th 2008
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The last few weeks has flown bye, i knew it would when we reached the month mark. I remember from last time thinking, when we had a few weeks to go, how quickly it would be until we were on our way and thinking back to that moment. Now its only 10days and i know the next second i'll be at the airport with Jen and we'll realise its arrived! 7months....i cant decide if it seems a long time since we got back or just a flash- with the apprehension i'm feeling about going, at the mo it seems like a while. Im worried im going to be too scared to start up diving again, and concerned that im not going to have enought money to do my PADI dive master even if i want to (and thats a very BIG if in my head!).....and im worried that if i decide not to do the DM training, that im going to be hanging around for 5 weeks watching jen doing it with nowt to do but sunbath (and jen knows i get bored p.r.e.t.t.y easily!). But we've made a pact that if either of us arnt happy with the situo on the gili Islands then we'll find somewhere else to do the diving side of things....the Philippines are great for diving too.
So im just waiting for the old passport and visa to arrive-fingerscrossed- and ive got to pack up my old room at mums house. Thats going to be next weeks job: got to pack all my stuff into taking to indonesia, chucking away, taking to uni (if i get in!), and putting away in the attic. Its gonna be a laugh! Thats my obstacle for tomorrow 😊
So just a few little loose ends to tie up and then it'll be time to head off to the side of the world where time is slower, the sun is brighter and the moon smiles back at you....mmmm.


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