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April 4th 2010
Published: June 14th 2017
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Yesterday we arrived at Rose Cottage, in the Lake District. This morning, we got a big surprise to find a bottle of milk on our doorstep (the milk man delivers here) and money from the tooth fairy and Easter eggs from the Easter Bunny.

This morning, we couldn't get the door unlocked, so Daddy had to go out the back to unlock the door from the outside, so we had a really exciting start to the morning. Then we went to church after that - we walked into the village of Ambleside. The walk was really interesting.

Happy Easter everyone!

Love from Georgia


6th April 2010

Am enjoying reading your blog!We visited most of the places you went to in the Cotswolds - a trip down memory lane for us.Seems like you are having a great time!Soph says it is cold in Switzerland as well!Hope you had an enjoyable Easter!Ka
9th April 2010

Isn't it wonderful that the easter bunny AND the tooth fairy could find you in England! Daniel tried very hard to get his loose tooth out on Easter Saturday night so that both the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy would come to us on the same n
ight. Eric thought they could then go out on a date together!It sounds like Daddy is being very resourceful!
10th April 2010

It would be funny to have the door locked.Hope you had a good Easter, and that the Easter Bunny found you in England! I still miss having you at school, but I like hearing what you've been up to, Isabelle

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