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June 30th 2006
Published: July 6th 2006
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St Merryn country sideSt Merryn country sideSt Merryn country side

I took this about 3 miles out of town
Well I did visit and stay in the town of my name to end the financial year. I must say, much more relaxing than usual!

St Merryn is a small town near Padstow and has 2 pubs, the Cornish Arms and the Farmers arms, both of which I drank at, St Merryn's church, which I visited, a post office and a few small shops. It also has a few surf beaches within a few miles. A great place to visit really.

After meeting one of the locals, Kev, mid-afternoon at the Cornish Arms over a pint of cider, he recommended that I stay at the Farmer’s Arms just up the road. So I did just that, checked in and then found Kev was now also there. He introduced me to another old local named Patrick and his dog, Patch. I just love this place. I can’t see the respective health departments in Australia being happy with people having their dogs inside pubs!

Whilst watching Germany and Argentina play soccer, I also met Ian and Dave, two gents from Plymouth who had left work early on the Friday afternoon for a surf and, of course, a pint afterwards. Well, after another pint, I decided to go for a walk along one of the local beaches to make sure I did not consume too much cider too quickly. Well that turned out to be a good move because Ian and Dave were still there when I got back and we ended up in shouts for the rest of the evening. There was a band playing, the second soccer match being played, and some interesting conversation underway with the boys. Dave is planning a trip to Oz with his wife and kids next year and Ian had been to Oz on a working holiday previously. Apart from travel stories, Dave and I argued about cricket. He believes that Glenn McGrath is the greatest bowler of all time and that Terry Alderman was “raw”. Just the type of statements to fire me up. (Apologies to the non-cricket fans - these are serious claims that needed to be sorted). Ian was a surfer and we spent time discussing Torquay, Bells Beach and some of the local surfing talent that he had met in Oz many years ago. It is a small world because I, of course, knew exactly who he was talking about!
Cornish ArmsCornish ArmsCornish Arms

Drinking (well finished actually) at the local.

Well, after another walk along a different local beach the next morning, tired but thankfully not hung over, I headed out of St Merryn.

So glad I visited…..

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Farmers ArmsFarmers Arms
Farmers Arms

The pub I stayed in

6th July 2006

You go girl
Meeting locals makes any trip - keep it up ! PS I was weak in that i had 1/2 a pint to everyone elses pint and I still had shocking hangovers
6th July 2006

Fawlty Sowers
Doing a great job Merryn. It seems you are whizzing all over the place! Great to read the blog as we wait for the new arrivals. (1 month to go). BM
8th July 2006

I hope you loved the soccer match beetween Germany and Argentina ;)
24th March 2011
St Merryn's church

This is the church we got married in and this is a great pic of it!

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