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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance April 3rd 2018

Set off this morning (in sunshine) for a driving tour of Cornwall (or the bits someone has decided we need to see), planning to be back in time to walk across the causeway to St Michael's Mount (open today from 12.30 to 3.30pm). First to Penzance, then a little further around the bay to Mousehole (because why wouldn't you visit a place called Mousehole!), lots of narrow streets in Mousehole! Then off to Land's End. I thought this was a sign at "the end of England" - but has been turned into a tourist park - shops, movie theatre, cafes, restaurants, hotel etc. Sign is still there, but you have to pay to get your photo taken with it! Seriously cold & windy by now (think Cornwall has the same weather as Melbourne - all things ... read more
Land's End - just the entrance!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance April 2nd 2018

The rain had stopped in Beesands this morning, so we could see it was a one street town (and only one side of the street has bulidings, because the other side is the ocean (English Channel). At least the rain washed most of the mud off the car, but had to go back on those roads to get out of the place. Had a chat to a local and found a better way, but couldn't avoid them entirely. So headed off to Cornwall, via Plymouth (because that's where some old ships left from, the Mayflower, Captain Cook etc), and via Truro (something to do with Maurice's family history and cornish pasties) and finally to Marazion. We are staying at the Godolphin Arms, a pub directly across from St Michaels Mount. This is a tidal island which ... read more
Mayflower steps in Plymount
Bakery for Cornish Pasties in Truro

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance September 19th 2017

Morning wakeup was to the sound of seagulls outside the hotel window. This is it, the last and shortest leg of my cycle trek and it will put me at journeys end - Land's End. 1800kms completed,... except for that episode between Kendal and Manchester. But, the Orkney trek, the cycle back to Penzance, and a few other diversions have easily made up the mileage, although not the terrritory. Panniers packed and taken down to the lobby, I blended with the busloads of senior seniors in the hotel restaurant and chatted up a few. Buffet breakfast, and then out the door and onto the bike Another sunny start, with the obligatory dark clouds on the horizon. Penzance popped up real fast and was a great cycle. Mild hills, and then a steady roll down into Marazion, ... read more
Down in the hollows
Done... Moving On Now

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance March 1st 2017

We are settling in nicely to the routine of lying in in the morning, making a leisurely breakfast, planning the day out and just meandering. It is very different to being in Suzy . For a start nothing is to hand. We have a well equiped kitchen but it's not Suzy's kitchen and I find myself opening drawer after drawer and cupboard after cupboard to locate what item I need. We love the log burner and enjoy sitting in front of it at night as the wind howls outside and the rain lashes the cottage without pausing for breath . We like the comfortable bed with its thick warm duvet but it does feel rather odd compared to our Duvalays and we spend a lot of time of the road going back and to over the ... read more
Now you dont see it
Now you do
Mounts Bay

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance June 22nd 2015

Got up pretty early, but some mishaps with our card made it impossible to get pounds from the ATM. Interject: PEOPLE MAKE SURE YOUR CARD HAS THE CHIP! JUST MAKE SURE IT HAS THE CHIP! life will be so much easier for you across the pond. So we wasted a good deal of our morning trying to get that fixed. The rest of the morning was spent in the charity shops (thrift shops), which were plentiful in Lewes, but there wasn't a lot of variety, getting some gear for Glastonbury. After getting everything squared away, we made our way to Brighton to get camping stuff (bed, sleeping bags, wellies) and to wash our clothes. This is also where we discovered Sainsbury's : There was no laundromat in Lewes and because we couldn't get any pounds we ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance May 25th 2015

This morning we drove around Mount's Bay through Penzance to the small fishing village of Mousehole. It was pretty cool again today so we needed to put our coats on before wandering around the village. I put my coat on and Bernie pointed out something grotty on the front of my coat. Hmmn, looks like bird poo which I think I must have picked up when I leant against the sea wall in Marazion last night? Fortunately we had some antiseptic wipes to clean my coat with. We walked around to Mousehole's harbour where we stood looking at the boats bobbing on the water ... and the intrepid English holidayers sitting on the beach in their wooly jumpers and swimming in wet suits. Before we could head down the steps to the beach, Stephen flew overhead ... read more
Fishing at Mousehole
Mousehole coastline
The Castle, St Michael's Mount

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance May 24th 2015

This morning we set off down to Cornwall, specifically to St Michael's Mount which is linked to the mainland at Marazion by a causeway at low tide. When the tide is in visitors are taken across to the island by boat. We visited St Michael's Mount on our first trip to the UK in 1993 although I should say - attempted to visit - because when we arrived the rain and fog was so bad that we could barely see the mount. In the end we thought that it was just too miserable to be bothered going across to St Michael's Mount and we decided that we would just have to come back another time to make the trip across to visit the castle and gardens. But, I'm getting ahead of myself - first we set ... read more
Lyme Regis Beach
Bluebells in Dartmoor Forest

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance July 18th 2014

16thJuly Departed Scilly Isles 0740. Phil had fun as he usually does pulling up the anchor, but this time it was more behaved. A nice sail across to Penzance, fairly light winds but we managed to sail all the way. Saw a couple of dolphins. We were too early for the lock opening, so we took up a mooring just outside. Boomerang boys were dropped off to our boat after they'd had an explore on land, so we had a video and dinner with them before the lock opened and we went into the 'inner harbour'. We are rafted up to other boats...four in fact and we're on the end. We have to climb across all four to then climb up a dodgy looking ladder to get ashore. However, we're only paying 15pound a night and ... read more
The ship moored sooo close
In the Lock
We were 5 rafted up, now just 4

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance July 8th 2014

I am absolutely exhausted, but today, our second consecutive annual trip to St. Michael's Mount was completely worth it! I'd recommend it to anyone, so have decided to post a bit about my adventures there, but any advice and information to those who want to visit! History Not only does the small tidal island off the coast of Cornwall have some beautiful panoramic views, but also boasts an interesting history. It's the perfect family day out and has something for everyone. As the states, the mount has been involved in major historical events in English history, from the War of the Roses to the English Civil War, primarily down to its useful geographic position. For a history student like myself, it's a really interesting place to visit, and the architecture alone ... read more
The boat trip
One of the many beautiful views from the top of Saint Michael's Mount
British weather was on top form from the boat today! Poor driver!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance April 20th 2013

Many signs and business names at Land's End, and throughout this southwestern part of Cornwall, reflect the theme of "start and finish" or "beginning and end" or "first and last." This is because, for end-to-enders like us, this area is either the completion of a long, tiring journey or the initiation of the same. For us, it is the start. While we still have the energy, enthusiasm, and optimism of journey starters, still it required a bit of effort, and a few adventures, to reach the beginning today, and we are already feeling a sense of accomplishment for that. The flight over from Seattle via Iceland to Gatwick went surprisingly well even though we were surprised that Icelandair did not provide complimentary meals and we had to satisfy ourselves with mediocre chef's salads at $14 per. ... read more
Karen and Kathy getting ready to take bike cases to post office
Smoked fish and cheese seller at farmers market
Jim and Karen headed through the Cornish countryside towards Land's End

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