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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Newquay September 17th 2017

My wake up call this morning wasn't the buzz of my alarm, or the peal of the church bells. This mornings wake up was the rapid clop of hooves, and ring of steel rims on pavement, as a horse and cart galloped through town at 5:30am. Anticipating another day of the short and steep, I was a little less than bubbly in my morning preparation. Panniers packed and bike loaded, I was out the door. Newquay, my destination was 100 km off, and slow climbs were to be anticipated. As it was Sunday, the Inn owner had advised that restuarants along the way would most likely be closed and had prepared four sandwiches for me the night before (@ £2 per). Sandwiches to be left outside my room door. Upon my return from a village saunter, ... read more
Cornwall Ramble
Newquay...bye bye Sun

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Newquay February 21st 2017

Finally on to Driftwood Cottage our base for the next week . We had contacted the owner the night before and as she lived on site and we could arrive when we liked. Porth is situated just outside of Newquay. A tiny village just on the beachside with views of the breaking Atlantic. We knocked on the owners door and she took us up the stairs to the cottage. It was small but perfectly formed with views across the beach from the upper deck area. After living in a bungalow for three years we did find the climbing up the stairs quite a novelty . Inside we found a white and blue confection with winding staircase. An upside down cottage with the small lounge upstairs and the bedroom downstairs. The floor Cornish slate slabs with underfloor ... read more
The fireplace in the great hall
The incorrectly carved date

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Newquay September 23rd 2016

Søde roomies Jeg ankom til Newquay rimelig sent. Jeg lavede ikke det store til at starte med, men jeg fandt da et sted, hvor jeg kunne få pizza. Det var en lidt sjov historie, da jeg endte med at vente to timer, før jeg rent faktisk fik min pizza. Jeg havde fundet en cafe, der var meget anbefalet, der var bare et lille problem. Køkkenet var ikke åbent. Den søde tjener sagde at køkkenet åbnede kl. 17.00. Jeg satte mig ned, spiste et stykke kage og drak en god kop the. Da der var gået en time, var der vagt skifte og den nye tjener fortalte mig at køkkenet først åbnede kl. 18.00…. Jeg satte mig ned og ventede lidt længere. De havde fået virkelig gode anmeldelser og nu skulle jeg bare smage den pizza. Kl. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Newquay July 18th 2016

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Newquay June 18th 2016

We had planned visiting another Cornish garden, Trerice, one of the National Trust gardens near Newquay, on 25 May. We bought snacks at Co-op near our hotel, and caught the 11:30 bus for Newquay. Mark had checked the bus route and the timetables, and knew where we would get off. After getting off at Kestle Mill on A3058 road, we followed the uphill single-track street towards the destination. After seeing the signpost, we turned left and walked past the wall and the original gate for Trerice, and reached the visitor reception followed by the car park. Upon arrival at the reception, we showed our membership cards and told me the receptionists that we had walked from Kestle Mill. They understood that we had used public transport and were ‘green travellers’ – and appreciated our hard work ... read more
A bumble bee
Elizabethan Knot & Orchard Garden
vegetable garden

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Newquay May 16th 2015

Wonderful Newquay on the north coast of Cornwallis well-known for being a paradise for surfers. And it is that, not so much for any geographical or natural advantages specifically, but more due to it’s size and location. With 20,000 people living in Newquay, it is the largest town that sits right on the Cornish north coast with it's abundance of amazing surf spots from Sennen Beach to Bude. Due to it’s size, Newquay has a larger community of surfers and a more varied water sports offering than most other Cornish towns and villages, making it a wonderful hub for surfing visitors and tourists. But because Newquay is such a surfer’s paradise, it is often overlooked by families.. not our little family, of course, because we went to Newquay in April 2015 and had the most couple ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Newquay May 4th 2013

It has often been said about holidaying in Britain - "All you need is a spell of good weather, and the trip is as good as it gets", but I also wonder how many non-Brits have made that declaration, and what percentage of that claim pertains to some kind of patriotism. In the case of this trip though, the weather was as favourable as could have been hoped for, and the choice of destination as Cornwall did all it could to add weight to the above statement. A 2-night stay in Newquay was specifically planned so as to be able to enter the surf on Newquay's Fistral Beach, where the conditions are favourable at low and high tide periods. For the novice surfer, a little patience is involved to be able to reach the stage where ... read more
Bay view  (Newquay; England)
Guest house wall art  (Newquay; England)
Local church  (Newquay; England)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Newquay August 27th 2011

Given the success of our camping trip to Pembrokeshire, Wales last August Bank holiday, we thought we'd try it again! This time we decided on Cornwall. ...Though we did learn slightly from last time and booked us into a camp ground a few months earlier!! On arrival, for some reason once again we were shown to our campsite down the back away from other campers by a friendly guy on a quad bike. We were pleased to be away from the rest and hoped we'd be able to repeat our open fire trick from Wales (having specially brought portable BBQs with us from London!), carefully placing our tents and car in a semi circle with the surrounding bush as background. A drive into nearby Newquay meant we could stock up on supplies.... and a night of ... read more
Landscaping at Minack Headland
Mousehole harbour
Minack Theatre perched on the cliff

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Newquay July 28th 2011

Alright? Thats what they say a lot of here. Instead of saying, hello how are you, are you alright? English people will say "Alright?" We have been in Cornwall in a town called Newquay. I had a lot of fun there on the beach. There are a lot of surfers. I enjoyed walking on the beach and the river estuary because I collected shells. We went to a place called Lands End. They called it that because the land ends there, its the most south western part of England. I had a lemon and bubblegum icecream. They are my favourite flavours. We stayed at a hotel that had a bowling alley. We played three games. It also had a heated indoor pool with a spa and I swam in there with my brother and Dad. There ... read more
Looking looking
At The beeeach
At Lands End

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Newquay June 30th 2011

It's a place you either love or hate. There's been a lot of negative publicity surrounding Newquay in recent months. Intoxicated teenagers passed out in street gutters. Violence from binge-drinking stag parties. Locals awakening to pavements covered in vomit and fast food, both of which are happily gobbled up by bullish, intimidating seagulls. This certainly isn't the best advert for Cornish tourism. For me though Newquay, the self-proclaimed surfing capital of Britain, holds plenty of good memories and you can't help but think much of the negative publicity has been somewhat sensationalised. Many of the current 'problems' have been happening for years and although I agree some small pockets of behaviour could be classed as anti-sociable, without these sub-groups of tourists, unemployment and economic hardships in the area would be much higher. Newquay today... read more
Newquay Rest Day
Fields of Wheat
Cornish Country Lanes

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