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August 5th 2008
Published: August 17th 2008
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Me and RichieMe and RichieMe and Richie

A random trip with a random kiwi
Taking a gamble with the weather and a random Kiwi, I took some time out for what worked out to be a week full of beach hopping, partying and camping!! It all started when I picked Richie up from the airport and brought him back to the lovely Garden of England. We spent the next couple days checking out some of the local Kentish taverns, a trip out to the beach of Whistable and headed to Canterbury for the sights and also some Barbs and Ads loving...

Getting off to a wet start we set out to the south westerly coast of England, enroute stopping at Stonehenge and for some fresh strawberries! After a long old drive time totaling to 6,5 hours we arrived in the town of St Ives in Cornwall, we set up camp by the beach, and went for a wonder along the sand dunes watching the sunset with a few cans of beer. The next day we were blessed with glorious weather and wondered into St Ives and checked out the beaches and Cornish Pastries!! hhhmmm YUM! We also came across one of the local residents, Mr Seal 😊 We went for a swim in the icy cold sea (well to tell the truth I could only dip myself as I could feel my brain freeze!!! -Richie obviously doesn't have one so he had no problem there ;p ) Later that evening we tasted the local fish cuisine alongside an amusing night life..

The next day we decided we needed some new ground to cover and headed upto Newquay, it was cold and wet and we just wanted a warm bed so we checked ourselves into a b&b!! After a good old nap we headed out into town for a few bevies and what a random night we had... Bumping into local Medway people, finding a Walkabout and getting dragged along to a rave on a double decker bus!!

After Newquay we then headed over east and overnighted in St Austell, we stuffed our faces with Chinese and slept on an uncomfortable slopy hill! (Not one for naming the blame but cheers for that one Richie!) The next day we couldn’t not visit The Eden Project after all Richie’s surname is ‘Eden’ and being convinced that Richie is a some what ‘special specie’ I needed to see where he was from.. lol


The great and ancient stone circle of Stonehenge is one of the wonders of the world.
then made our way over to Okehampton where we spent our final night camping. It was a wet one, it was almost like camping on a swamp and then it just kept on raining all night.. The journey home was long and tiring. Richie didn’t help by being over hyper for the first part of the journey that I wanted to sedate him but then towards the end of the journey when I needed being kept awake he went off to the land of nod! All is well now, back home safe and sound. Reality CHECK, Sanity CHECK.

During this trip I had hoped to meet my mate Nikki but we just couldn't coordinate our timings so it’ll just have to be another time!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this trip, the weather was occasionally kind and camping out was fun. Even though there were times I felt like the tent was going to lift up off the ground and fly away from the strong winds, get flooded from the heavy rains or merely get invaded by loads of rampant rabbits.. I had a ball of a time! The sights were revitalizing and the company was OK 😉 Only joking
A very mystical and mythical placeA very mystical and mythical placeA very mystical and mythical place

Erected between circa 3000BC and 1600BC.
Richie, despite driving me insane at times you did make me laugh and cry so in my book that makes you a mate, a mate that knows me too well 😉

I was in need of a break from reality and a chance to refill my traveler boots. It made me remember that life is too short to get wrapped up with life long struggles and to look at the bigger picture! After all life is a journey itself.... Till next time. xx

Additional photos below
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St IvesSt Ives
St Ives

Went to go and visit Nikki but we never managed to meet up, just wasn't meant to be...
Look at that beautiful view...Look at that beautiful view...
Look at that beautiful view...

I'm talking about the sea not you Richie...
The beachThe beach
The beach

Golden sand and clear waters
On the beachOn the beach
On the beach

We even took a dip in sea!! bbbrrrr it was cold!
Camping was the theme of the tripCamping was the theme of the trip
Camping was the theme of the trip

And a bad back came with it...:(
Hhmmm nothing like a hearty dinnerHhmmm nothing like a hearty dinner
Hhmmm nothing like a hearty dinner

Sorry I seem to have cut your head off in this pic Richie... never mind hey, got the main subject in the frame and that's all that matters ;p
The Eden ProjectThe Eden Project
The Eden Project

It had to be done, considering Richie's surname is EDEN!!
Pink Bougainvillea flowersPink Bougainvillea flowers
Pink Bougainvillea flowers

Mediterranean Gardens
The tropicsThe tropics
The tropics

I almost passed out from the humidity and heat they produced in this dome to recreate the tropical environment..

17th August 2008

how u get that close to a queen bee? lol
17th August 2008

Cornish Pastries...hhhmmmm YUM!
Yet another delightful blog to read and see the places visited which is equally enjoyable. Thank you and well done... love, ma xx
17th August 2008

lol!! whats the story with that bee Mel????
17th August 2008

What can I really say about the bee...???
Its taken too much of the powder stuff and is happy in its own little world..!!??
18th August 2008

Well done on getting the tent up. Looks like you did a good job and sounds like you had to by the sound of the weather. Yuck! Love the piccies, the beaches look gorgeous, I love the veggie patch at the Eden project - think ours has a way to go before it looks like that. Speak to you soon honey bun. Barbs.xx
18th August 2008

Honey i shrunk Mel
Is this a remake of Honey i shrunk the kids? giant bees, flowers and huge golf balls?!? Well i think your next entry shall be cool too... xxx
18th August 2008

Really like the pictures and sounds like an eventful and fun trip, thanks for sharing your memories with us x
20th August 2008

Too bad the beers didn't get the same treatment as the Bee got... I'm glad you had a nice trip. Bee safe.... ;)
28th September 2008

happy holiday
Hi Mel; so pleased to read you are still exploring britain, and having so much fun at the same time. Wish i was as organised as you...till the next time ....have happy adventures Pete
15th July 2009

yeah, you are quite right there when you said that life is short. Life is so short and also unpredictable. so whilst we are still in control in our lives, we should live it to the fullest and one way of doing so is by making travels and marvel with nature's miracles. congratulations!

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