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July 7th 2010
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Tuesday and we are back off to Plymouth, Charlotte is accompanying her sister Caroline for a wedding dress fitting and Liam is off for a swan around Plymouth shopping centre. Arriving at Caroline’s there was an initial panic as she had lent her shoes to a friend and only just realised she had not got them back, off to Torpoint on the ferry she went, but she was soon back and away to the wedding dress shop we went. After the relief of the zip doing up, not that she needed to worry, we had a little look at head gear and sparkly things which was quite fun.

We met up with the boy’s just outside the shopping city and we went for a coffee and cake Costa Coffee in the House of Fraser with Caroline, Murray and his brother Andy. We slipped off to find Liam some new trainers as the Converse were proving a little thin and soon to be a bit smelly as he keeps wearing them everyday. Caroline and Murray went off to choose there wedding list and we wandered around a little more before heading back to the farm.

Walking the lane was the task for the next couple of day’s. Caroline had told us that to ‘The Mill’ at the end of the lane and back was one mile each way, so that was a nice little after dinner walk to help our dinner settle. The great thing is that as all the evenings are very long and the sun stays up until about 9.30-10.00pm, also there is not much traffic after rush hour traffic use it as a rat run, all three cars!

We poodle around for the rest of the week and by Thursday was ask Digory if we can help at all as he is working at home and setting up the Royal Cornwall Show next week. We get given the job of sorting the garden as a nice surprise of Mum’s homecoming.

After Digory cuts back the hedge at the entrance to the lane Liam takes over the strimmer and cuts back the wild garden, edges the lawn and cuts back the edges of the vegetable gardens. Charlotte spends the afternoon weeding the lower garden and planting some of the seedlings that Mum and Digory have already grown. Friday is more of the same in the garden, sweating in the lovely sunshine. Murray came down as well and spent the day on the roof with Digory fixing slates to the huge expanse of roof.

Saturday was a day for chilling out followed by Sunday which involved a day out at the Calstock festival with Charlotte’s sister Sarah, Millie her daughter and Patrick her partner who happened to be playing in a band on the day in question. Although the rain clouds threatened they held off and we ended up enjoying the sun on the green.

On arriving in the village we parked up and had a look around the green for any sight of the family and not finding anyone we recognised and having no internet or phone signal, we approach a local and ask if they knew where her cottage was, but were told ’we don’t go by roads or cottage names here, who are they?’ Well of course they all recognised Patrick and Sarah and a local lady walked us up to her cottage.

The band were congregating and attempting to get over there hangovers from the night before. And we were soon off and away to pick up another member and head down to the green. We spent the afternoon watching the various act performing. Patrick’s band ‘Phat Bollard’ (so named as they are Millie’s favourite words at the moment) were a folk band and they seemed to rock the whole village.

We managed a couple of drinks from the local pub, ‘Ginger Tosser’, from a local brewery, being the favoured pint for the day. Caroline and Murray joined us in time for the local belly dance group dance which was fun and colourful followed by a couple who had formed Jazzica.

Millie was getting a bit tired so we headed back to the cottage and explored where they were living before Sarah made us a lovely lunch which we ate outside listening to the bands playing. All to soon we all had to get on our way and head home.

En route to the caravan we stop off at Kit hill which is normally a lovely view over our area of Cornwall, however the clouds start coming over, so we had a quick walk around the view point and then headed home.

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