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August 6th 2008
Published: August 6th 2008
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Ok this one's for Maureen because she says we're falling behind.

We are now finally on a good beach (missed the sun though) in Bude along the Cornwall coastline. It's very cool here, a lot like Tofino but with fewer rich germans and more rich brits. The hostel in Bude is probably the best one yet but unfortunately we only booked 2 nights and they're full for tomorrow so we're moving on to the local caravan & camping park. The good part is that the campsite is a 5 minute walk from the beaches, the bad part is that the weather here is pretty miserable right now. We got a killer deal on surf rentals so we will have the gear at the campsite with us for another 4 days. So far the waves have been similar to a crappy summer day in Tofino so that's pretty good in my books. The water is MUCH warmer too.

Before Bude we spent 2 nights in Bournemouth and 3 nights in Plymouth. Bournemouth didn't have a whole lot to offer except for some beautiful beaches that we skipped due to the rain. Plymouth on the other hand was a great town. It had a cool coastline with all sorts of pools and walkways carved into the cliffs. The highlight was a huge salt water pool in a cliff that again we didn't see much of due to the weather (rain is starting to be the theme of our trip in England). There were some festivals happening as well and we had a chance to sample the local delicacy ... Plymouth Gin. Really it was like all other gin we've had but it seemed like it was a good idea to drink it right at the source.

Anyways, we've got 8 more days until we take the bus north from London to Glasgow. So far out tentative plan is to spend another 5 nights here in Bude, then 1-2 in Bristol/Bath and 1-2 in London. But of course as you probably know by now that our plans change with the wind ... and rain.

Take care,
Alex (and Jay)


7th August 2008

i'm loving the travel blog...its like im reading an adventure magazine...with a lil advertising for certain places.! i love it...i cant wait to see more picture's!!!
7th August 2008

by the way are you planning on going to spain??? i would love to hear about it me and billy were thinking about going there in the next year or 2 and i want feedback!
27th August 2008

We are going to Spain on the second of September. That's the first day of school for all those who have to go! Hehe... I will be sure to take notes for you Lisa.

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