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February 24th 2007
Published: February 24th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

I think the reality of what we have ahead of us is very slowly starting to sink in. We spent last weekend throwing away stuff from the house that we won't be taking with us - we ended up with 15 black bin bags full!!

I just can't picture me, Doug and the dogs living in Australia yet - it feels like a bit of a dream! Doug's works have been great and will work around him when he wants to go. We have started to tell people now as well what we are doing and have got very mixed reactions from 'Good On Yer!' to 'What are you doing that for!'

We had the quote to get the dogs out from a doggie travel agency (how cool is that!) and it looks like it is going to cost us approx £4.5 K .. I just hope that they will be ok.

Feeling very stressed at the moment and feel a bit in limbo - also have that feeling you get when it was time to go back to school after the school holidays of being very scared and very excited at the same time but I have it nearly all the time!


3rd March 2007

OZ, Jo, Doug, Biscuit and Ozzie
Going to miss you loads but it IS the right thing to do! Wish we could do it - may do in the future! Forget about work and all the bad stuff over here - take it as you are going on an adventure! A lot of people haven't got the guts to do what you are doing but then sit and moan about their lives all the time. You both deserve the best life as you are such a lovely couple! Get a webcam when you get over there and we can chat as and when! Love Elaine, Mike, Merlin and Megsy (grrr!) xx
14th March 2007

Go for it Jo!!!
Lovely to get your email, Jo, and to read your Blog. I hope you will keep it up when you are over in Oz so we can all read about how you are going on getting a nice sun tan etc! You know how I feel about "Down Under" don't you, I absolutely loved it and if I was a little bit younger (like 25 years) I'd be off there myself. Just go for it and tell all the Doubters to "Feck Off" (as Father Ted would say!). I know how you must feel. It's the same when you move house, you wonder if you are doing the right thing but you'll never know until you do it and what the hell, you can always come back if it doesn't work out, although we both know that will never happen. Lots of Love and Luck to you both. Pam xxx

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