A Review of the Completed Journey

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June 1st 2006
Published: May 25th 2006
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Having competed this epic journey, I thought it only right that I should look back at the places I have seen, so here is my own Travel Review with marks out of 10 along with brief comments !

Brussels 7/10 - Very picturesque, good cafes and restaurants, great for a city break.
Cologne 7/10 - Lots to see and do, great location on the Rhine, another good city break.
Moscow 6/10 - A great insight into its people. The city is exactly what I expected, grey buildings, the Kremlin and Red Square.
Beijing 5/10 - Nice people but disappointed with Beijing. If you want to visit an American looking city full of corporate buildings then go to the US.
Shanghai 10/10 - It surely must be everyones idea of what the far east is all about. The mystique, the excitement, the culture. The perfect balance between old and new.

Ural Mountains 7/10 - Long sweeping and forested hills as far as the eye can see.
Siberian Plains 6/10 - Fascinating and exactly what you would expect, 2000 miles of flat grassy plains.
Taiga Forests 10/10 - The most remote and beautiful scenery I have ever seen, mountains, rivers and forests.
Primorksy Mountains 9/10 - Steep sided mountains leading down to Lake Baikal.
Lake Baikal 9/10 - A very picturesque and remote area with a unique way of life.
Mongolian Steppes 8/10 - Vast undulating terrain with no obstacles that allow clear views for miles and miles.
Gobi Desert 10/10 - An eye opener. It’s a real desert with camels, unlike many of the pictures you see in guidebooks that show only grassy plains.
The Great Wall 9/10 - Again forget any pictures you may have seen, you have to be there to appreciate the wonder of it, and the countryside.
Yangtze River Basin 7/10 - Ancient villages on narrow waterways. Unchanged for thousands of years.


13th June 2006

Got the Bug
Thanks for taking the time to post your blog. It has been most helpful. I have been trying to take this journey for many years and looks like I am almost there. thanks
22nd June 2006

How were the toilets?
My one concern about the journey is the condition of the toilets!! Were the clean and usable?!?!
24th June 2006

In response to Andy`s question.........
At the end end of each carriage was a toilet compartment with toilet and large washbasin with hot and cold water. It was all in stainless steel and cleaned several times each day by the attendants. Note that you cannot use the toilet when the train is stopped at a station as it it flushes directly onto the track below ! In addition, in my first class compartment, my shower room with wash basin was also cleaned once a day.
7th July 2006

I broke my journey at Irkutsk and Ulan Bator - both of which are well worth a couple of days. Having travelled east as far as possible by train, I'm aiming to cross Canada next year, which will then be most of the northern hemisphere covered by rail! The southern hemisphere is a bit more difficult!
17th August 2006

Clive, I have enjoyed so much your excellent description of the journey and the superb photos that bring it to life. You are a great raconteur as well as an accomplished photographer. It took me several days to enjoy each and every installment to the fullest. That having been said, your trip is for the adventurous. My recent trip to China (which made your tale even more enjoyable) was with a fully escorted tour for which I am now even more thankful. As the title says - BRAVO! and welcome home. Clarence
24th August 2006

In response to Clarence`s message..........
Thanks very much for the feedback on the journal and my journey. I appreciate that my self-organised trip may have seemed adventurous, but that sense of adventure and risk just added to the enjoyment of it. Again thanks for the comments and I wish you well on your future travels. Regards Clive.
6th September 2006

now what?
after all this, what will you or have you done?

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