Converting the Duke: Phase 2 The MOT... DOH !!

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March 26th 2008
Published: April 26th 2008
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Lowered to the maxLowered to the maxLowered to the max

Well actually lowered to the minimum, but worth the trip to Northwich for the £65 (400mm drop) springs.
Phase 2... mmm.... Forgot that an MOT was due this month. I had the big 80K service done in January (which fortunately I hadn't forgotten - £500 - and I won't be forgetting in a hurry) when they told me you need a couple of new springs on both your back wheels, and your tyres are down to the metal. "They're not desperate, but you wanna get em done" the guy said. So, I took that to mean, sit on it for a few months then when you're totally illegal start thinking about it.
Well, the time has come.

Expecting another extortionate bill, believe it or not I was pleasantly surprised at the quote of £400. Hey, beauty, power and finesse doesn't come cheap you know. But it does mean that the interior plan will be on hold for a wee while. On the bright side - needing a couple of springs at the back of the van means one thing - more bling!!

It occurred to me - Why should I replace the broken springs with another set the same size? . That would be like brushing your teeth with cookie dough ice cream. It costs nowt more to drop em down. Of course I'm thinking from a practical perspective - easier access to the boot. So I ordered the 40mm drop springs (electing for the small drop, rather than the 60mm).

I hope you agree the subtle change looks good. More importantly she rides like a dream. Mind you when I last drove it, it had two severed springs and tyres busting at the seams. Bit like comparing Jackie Stalone to Natalie Imbruglia.

Ride on the Duke...

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The bling taking shapeThe bling taking shape
The bling taking shape

£44 for the MOT (standard) & then the repairs (couple a bulbs, new bush at the front (whatever that is?) 2 new tyres (balanced & tracked), and fitting the springs - total damage £307.78.
Low angleLow angle
Low angle

All in, getting Duke through the MOT & lowered was £416.78.

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