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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester August 31st 2019

I’ve been saying that Chester Zoo is a great day out for the last twenty years without, actually… you know… going. So, a couple of weeks ago we woke up and said; ‘What a nice day. Let’s go to Chester Zoo!’. I went as a schoolboy and had a marvellous time, although all I can remember is laughing at a monkey masturbating. As a thirteen-year-old it was a profound moment that impacted on so many levels. It certainly confirmed Darwin’s theory of evolution, as I and my classmates felt an instant connection to our simian relative. We also figured that the caged onanist was rebelling against his captors, if in a peculiar way. Twenty-five years later, I visited with an extended family group and a tiny primate urinated gleefully on my niece. Well… ‘it could have ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester September 29th 2018

We had another busy day today as you will see from the pictures. I didn’t have time to make notes today but did copy and paste with info on all that we saw. Tomorrow we will be on the road once again...stay tuned! Below is info on North Wales: “North Wales is a region within Wales, a country in the U.K. Snowdonia National Park is a vast, rugged area with waterfalls and trails, including routes up Mount Snowdon. Medieval Conwy Castle has 8 huge towers, plus battlements with sea views. It’s near the resort town of Llandudno, with North Shore Beach. Other castles include 19th-century Penrhyn Castle, with Gothic stairways, and waterside Caernarfon Castle.” Below is information on Horseshoe Pass from Wikipedia: “The Horseshoe Pass (Welsh: Bwlch yr Oernant, "Pass of the Cold Stream") is a ... read more
Glenn Lightfoot Sheep dog exhibition
Sheep herding exhibition
Marie herding sheep

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester August 10th 2017

Woolly says – A twenty minute train ride away from Wrexham is the historic city of Deva, founded as a "castrum" or Roman fort in the reign of the Emperor Vespasian in 79 AD, it became one of the main army camps in Roman Britain. In 689 King Ethelred of Mercia founded the Minster Church of West Mercia, which later became the cities first cathedral. Although the Normans did their best to bring carnage to the place many of the buildings have survived and it has one of the best preserved walled cities in Britain. So much to see and do, I had a snack to pass the time. My small friend could hardly contain his excitement and even a deep frown from the man opposite him as he bounced higher and higher on his seat ... read more
Investigating the excavations
So old and beautiful
Beautiful architecture

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester July 13th 2017

Woolly says – I’d been up for hours, I’d checked the weather forecast, given myself a good brush down and found a couple of stray pistachio’s that I had stored behind my ears and had my autograph book at the ready, the women were still nowhere to be seen. I’m not sure where he thought he was going at 6am but having settled him in front of his favourite TV show I managed another couple of hours snoozing. Woolly says – having chuckled my way through two old episodes of The Secret Life of the Zoo I was ready to meet all the stars of the show and their keepers. Based at Chester Zoo the series follows the births, deaths and efforts in conservation that the zoo is making and with the added bonus that they ... read more
'Lets go home'
Now this is what you call beautiful
Catching up with the stars

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester July 24th 2015

Friday 24 July 2015 Waking to grey skies in Wales seems to be a common occurrence this summer. We feel sorry for those holidaymakers who have been looking forward to a week at the beach to spend it in a little caravan or hotel room. The news this morning is full of items about today being the busiest day of the year for travel. More flights, more cars on the road, more rain. We packed up, farewelled our host and hit the road for Gloucester. Polly was set for a day at the beach so we took a self-guided drive along the Welsh coast. We stopped several times to check out the beaches and facilities. There was no one around, which was a surprise as there was no rain and no sun. The beaches appear to ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester May 25th 2015

Going against the flow away from the Three Queens We happened to be back on the Wirral on the last Bank Holiday weekend of May which was during the scheduled events for celebrating the 175th anniversary of the Cunard company . Part of these celebrations were the ‘Three Queens’ (Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria) Cunard ships in formation on the River Mersey for the first time in maritime history. Although we knew it would be an amazing sight, we made a calculated decision as we knew thousands of people were making their way to Liverpool and the Wirral to see this event and going against the flow, we went to the Roman city of Chester for the day. As we were driving along the M53 motorway, it confirmed our decision had been right ... read more
'The Rows'
Yum, roast company!
Yes please Mr Simms...sweeties for us!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester May 18th 2014

Travel date April 30th. Writing date May 18 th Today was a 'transfer day' which translates to mean a lot of hours on a bus. Even though I had experienced several gloomy/ rainy/ cool to downright cold days, today was gloriously sunny. We were headed back to England. The bus followed the northern coast of Wales so glimpses of the Irish Sea were hinted at from time to time. Lunch stop was in the medieval city of Chester, England. Chester, although a large city of over 328,000, has a very sweet and walkable city center designed to encourage tourism. Entering the city on one of the 4 main roads that date back to Roman times ( about 79 A.D.) I was delighted to see that it was a walled city. It retains the reputation of being ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester January 12th 2014

Geo: 53.1997, -2.87541Well after a night of partying till late, again we were up early to have our English breakfast and also enjoyed being waited on, then we went walking again into the town. Lorraine's family were heading back to Barnsley so we decided that we would do our own thing so they could spend time together. We thought we would catch a taxi but after checking out how much it was going to cost,we decided to ask the bus driver how much the fare was,and today it was a special day for the Bus Company, it was their Birthday so all fares were £1 each so we were lucky, and we went out to Cheshire Oaks Outlet Centre for more shopping while Clint and Melanie went to the Marine Aquarium. We caught up for lunch ... read more
Out for dinner
Down by the River Dee
Shops in Chester

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester January 11th 2014

Geo: 53.1998, -2.87566We joined up together for breakfast where we we so warmly welcomed by the owners, we were waited on, felt like we had our own butler!We then set off leaving the 3 girls doing their own thing but they did head in to town first, while we walked to the stairs to start walking the wall that surrounds part of Chester. We started at the main clock and headed down towards the River Dee, and the hopped off there to have a walk around by the river, The sun was out, although you could still feel the cold air but it was just so perfect. We got a phone call from Lorraine's sister to say they had arrived in Chester so we then headed back to the clock bridge. We all met up and ... read more
River Dee
River Dee
Robin red breast

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester November 16th 2013

We went to Chester. We first walked around the part of town surrounded by a wall. The streets had no cars in them, they only had pedestrian walkways. We stopped in a few shops, and went into a museum of ancients things. There were weapons that were all the way from ancient times to just before guns. There were figurines made from rock and shields made from Rhino hide. We left the museum and carried on to a cathedral. It was a really pretty place, we walked around there for almost two hours. There is more room inside than it looks like out, because it goes underground. The under ground dates back to the tenth century. It was really interesting because there we still fragments of paintings that were made hundreds of years ago. On the ... read more

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