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May 25th 2015
Published: June 23rd 2015
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Going against the flow away from the Three Queens We happened to be back on the Wirral on the last Bank Holiday weekend of May which was during the scheduled events for celebrating the 175th anniversary of the Cunard company . Part of these celebrations were the ‘Three Queens’ (Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria) Cunard ships in formation on the River Mersey for the first time i... Read Full Entry

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Chester town hallChester town hall
Chester town hall

A Grade II listed building, finished in 1869 and is almost symmetrical on the outside.
The Chester Grosvenor hotelThe Chester Grosvenor hotel
The Chester Grosvenor hotel

Named after the Duke of Westminster's family who own a lot of the land around Chester
Wetherspoons menuWetherspoons menu
Wetherspoons menu

such good value!
Pulled pork quesadillaPulled pork quesadilla
Pulled pork quesadilla

from the 'Mexican Monday' menu

23rd June 2015

Loved Chester, too!
I am rewriting a blog I wrote about Chester (Gunga- Southern talk in Northwest England dated May 18, 2014) and saw your excellent blog. I loved Chester- the black and white timber houses, the walking street, the friendly people, and the man I met in a church/café who, when he found out I lived in Memphis, Tennessee, USA wanted me to 'talk southern'. It is one of my fondest travel memories. Keep up the good writing. Carolyn Taylor/Gunga
24th June 2015

Re: Loved Chester, too!
Hi Carolyn, thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, Chester is lovely - we love the fact you met a guy who wanted you to 'talk southern'! That sounds like a typically British thing to do to us ;)
23rd June 2015
'The Rows'

Oh, you English!
I love your charming, historical towns and don't mind at all the various revival architectural movements that let us imagine we're in some by-gone period. I was rather surprised that Asia doesn't also have that ancient architecture, but perhaps it's just the temples that have been preserved. Very funny your comments on English vs SE Asian manners--I often feel the same here in Peru.
24th June 2015
'The Rows'

Re: Oh, you English!
Hi Tara, thanks for reading and commenting. It was only when we stopped and thought about it that, other than the temples, the oldest buildings really are colonial in SE Asia, so not 'that' old! If you like these kinds of historical towns, you are going to like the rest of our blogs on the UK! Yes, SE Asian manners sometimes drive us mad...you just have to take a deep breath and go with the flow ;).
26th June 2015

Back in England
Sometimes we find when we go back to a location that at one time we knew really well that it can be an experience to look at it with new eyes. The architecture caught your eye and you could now appreciate the history. It is like being in a new place. This growing up and maturing thing can be interesting. Glad you were able to enjoy food, drink and family. Dave would have loved the golf open.
27th June 2015

RE: Back in England
Hi MJ and Dave! Thanks for reading and commenting :). Yes, growing up and maturing is interesting in the things we notice now! We really did appreciate all the history and the food was yummy...we'll have plenty of food pics in our next few blogs! If Dave likes golf, the Royal Liverpool is a good golf tournament - a couple of years ago George Clooney was there watching as well - we think that suddenly got a lot of ladies interested in golf who otherwise didn't like it! ;)
27th June 2015
Fish and Chips! Yummy

Fish and Chips
So many f & c's and so little time.

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