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June 21st 2012
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Ok so I'm struggling with this traveling thing. Don't get me wrong Im loving the adventures and I am seeing some fantastic and mind blowing things but it is so freaking exhausting!

I'm confused with how some people travel and manage to look gorgeous the entire time. Like i am actually legitimitally confused! I'm like how do you do that? Seriously?! By the end of a day spent wandering round somewhere I start to resemble a middle aged version of myself and I'm like totally ready for bed after dinner.

Also my handbag is getting extremely heavy, filled with all the things I like to carry around. Maybe I am taking too much stuff from place to place but I use it all! Cameras, phone, wallet, umbrella, cardigan or jumper, iPad and lippy. Is this crazy? Is there a better way? Argh these are the questions that plague me at night!

So I've been spending heaps of time in Ely and Cambridge and living with the aunt and uncle who have been so lovely to have me. I've seen pretty much all there is to see and to be honest a couple of days in this area and you would have covered all the basics. After seeing the colleges and going punting down the river another must do here is to visit the Fitzwilliam museum. It's free which is super awesome and it has some seriously amazing stuff. I wasn't expecting much but I was really blown away by their extensive collection of artifacts, antiques, paintings and furniture that spans all sorts of eras from the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Etruscans and ancient persians to art and artifacts from the 15,16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 th centuries. WOW!

I had a freak out in the eqyptian section though. I was just looking at all the mummy cases and got real up close. Until I realized that what I was looking t was an actual mummy! I let out a bit of a squeek and scurried out. Mummies are really creepy. Especially when you are alone in a giant room with one!

The highlight of my week happened upstairs in the British painting section when I got to see a bunch of paintings by John Everett Millais! One of my fave painters! Oh they were so beautiful. He was exeptionally talented as an artist. Is it wrong to have a crush on someone who lived in the 1800s?!

There were also paintings by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, William Holman Hunt, Sir Lawrence alma tadema, Lord leighton, Thomas Gainsborough, Renoir, Monet and Edgar Degas. All so gorgeous and wonderful. I would love these in my house! So if you are struggling with what to get me for my next birthday then an original from one of these artists would do just fine 😊

There were also works by Matisse and Picasso but meh I don't rate them much at all. Seriously matisse's work is like something a child could do and Picasso was just a strange man.

The building that houses these paintings is also pretty darn gorgeous. So if you have time in Cambridge make sure you visit the Fitzwilliam museum!

The rest of my time has been totally relaxing. I'm really glad I have been able to chill out here with the family. This next weekend will be crazy busy with concerts, theatre shows and meeting up with people in london and on Tuesday I will be leaving for my tour of Europe! Eeek! Cannot wait!

So I guess the more rest I get now the better...


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