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August 27th 2012
Published: September 23rd 2012
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Old Addenbrooks hospitalOld Addenbrooks hospitalOld Addenbrooks hospital

Old Addenbrooks Hospital. Now Judges Institute. Was renamed First Eastern General Hospital during the war.
August 27 Cambridge – Addenbrooks Hospital - I did some extensive research on the internet and at local resources and figured out that the hospital that Mom trained at during the war in Cambridge before going to London to work as a nurse there was at the AddenBrooks Hospital which had its name changed during the war to First Eastern General Hospital. It is now the Judges Institute. The building has been repainted and remodeled a bit but is still essentially the same. I am sure it was nowhere near as colorful during the war.

Judges Institute formerly Addenbrooks Hospital renamed First Eastern General Hospital during the war(which was the name Mom recognized when I called her today). People in Cambridge call it Old Addenbrooks since a new Addenbrooks Hospital has been built in another part of town.

I walked into the part that is still labeled in the stone “Outpatients” and is now a restaurant. I considered how many men must have considered their returning to the war in this room.

After checking out the hospital I walked over to the River Cam and enjoyed watching the people on punts plus the I just enjoyed the view, people watching and very pleasant weather.

Then I walked back to the colleges and enjoyed the beautiful buildings.

Earlier in the day I had bought a UK SIMS card at the hostel which turned out to be a mistake. My cell phone had to be unlocked in order to use it and I would have had to call my provider in Ireland to unlock it which they may or may not have done, or charged me for. Also although it had a small O2 logo on it when I went to refill the card O2 could not refill it. I ended up having to buy one of their cards to put in the phone.

I went by the Tesco in Cambridge and bought one of those “no SIMs card” phones which is what I should have done in the first place. Then all I had to do was merely by a SIMs card from any provider and put it in the phone. Which I did. Basically you buy time from any provider and they will give you a SIMs card and add time to it for whatever value you want. I put the one from the hostel in it and used up the time on it and then tossed it. Then I bought some time at O2 and they gave me a card free, and added the time to it.

This is a good deal as instead of having to carry around different phones from each country you just change out the sim’s to a sims card of the country you are in. And with a no SIMs card phone you don’t have to worry about getting yours unlocked.

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Clearly marked in the stone "Outpatients". This is now a restaurant.
Now a restaurantNow a restaurant
Now a restaurant

Was Outpatients hall, Now a restaurant. It makes me wonder where now customers happily eat their dinners how many men contemplated their return to the war in this room.

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