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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Marlow August 28th 2015

Hi from the Thames. We are enjoying our boat trip on this historic river with so much to see and surrounded by beautiful country. But!! The country and history around Hadrians Wall is so good that I want to return. I have decided that walking Hadrians Wall is one of the things I want to do. I think!! The country around this area is so nice and gentle. Rock walls for miles and miles. And then when you walk beside this historic wall you wonder about how the Romans designed it and then about the man power it took to build it. it is 78 miles long and goes from coast to coast across England. It was built in the 200 AD's and although a bit of it is no longer visable it is magic to ... read more
Leaving Scotland.
Just Whats Needed.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Marlow July 19th 2012

Before you start reading, I should point out that this is the first time I have ever written a blog. However since facebook is not an option where I am going, and I need to upload my pictures somehow, I have started now. I may stop doing this. I may keep going. I haven't decided yet. Just remember that if my entries suddenly stop coming, it does not mean I have fallen in to the Yongding river! Tomorrow I leave for Beijing for six weeks to learn Chinese Mandarin, and to be honest I don't think it's quite hit me yet. China is such an exotic, foreign place that it somehow seems so unlikely that I will actually be on my way there in under 24 hours. I have no idea what I will find there ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Marlow July 26th 2010

Saturday night we had the most yummiest of desserts. A Bakewell Tart. It's an Almond Tart that is so amazing. It comes with cream and blueberry syrup that you can dip the cake in or drizzle it over. I bought one for dessert tonight. It's our last night in Marlow - wine and a bakewell tart. One funny part of our duck tour today was that when the tour guide said "Duck" we had to say "Quack Quack" and move our arms like a duck. It was so funny, people on the street would laugh. I am now typing on the computer while Cindy is trying to get dinner on the table, Tom is setting the table and Russell is cleaning up. I am not being helpful as I feel blogging is more important. Tom is ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Marlow July 26th 2010

Greeting All - Saturday night we went for dinner and then met friends for drinks. It was great fun to have a night out in local pubs. It's wonderful when wine tastes the same no matter what continent you are on. Sunday was great. We all went into London to Camden Market. We met up with Jeff from Toronto. It's such an interesting place with people with all different color hair and vendors selling everything from foot wear to falafels. Monday Emma and I went into London on our own. We went for a tour on the London Ducks,similar to the Wisconsin Dell Ducks. Julia wanted a day with Cindy and her boys at home. Tom met Jeff in London for a day of music shopping. We all did what we wanted and it was great. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Marlow July 23rd 2010

Thursday we went to visit the Queen at Windsor Castle. She must not have gotten my telegram because she was not available for me and the guards had absolutely no idea who I was. We have had several highs so far on the trip, a day in Windsor, the girls went out for lunch and to see Toy Story 3 on Friday with Harrison, William and their nanny and of course the delicious desserts that Cindy bakes. Treats and food is probably the reason why I have had a tummy ache for the last two days. Tom was supposed to arrive Friday morning but United Airlines had problems and a 5 hour delay turned into his flight being rescheduled for Friday night. Happily we were woken up on Saturday to find him here. Russell was so ... read more
The Girls
Killing time at the airport

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Marlow July 22nd 2010

The Americans have arrived! Our flight was quick and we landed early. We were lucky to have the loudest American from the "Valley" in California stand behind us in customs which made our 35 minute wait go quick. Cindy was waiting with balloons. After a 2 hour nap Cindy's friends arrived with treats and drinks and 12 children for the girls to play with. The ice cream truck arrived with very yummy ice cream treats. Nothing like I've had from a musical truck from home. We kept the girls up until 10 pm even though they we tired but a trip to the park was the trick to keep them awake. It's 9:15 am Thursday morning and they are still sleeping. My girls Rock! ... read more

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