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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Ascot June 21st 2008

Great days out always start the night before. The night before Ascot, Zarina, Rich and I went to Regents Park to the Taste of London. This is a festival that started about three years ago. All of the great restaurants in London congregate and sell tapas sized portions of their food. It is a great way to try different kinds of food and drink great wines and champagne without committing to one restaurant. We saw Gary Rhodes; we drank copious amounts of champagne and Argentine wine; we ate until we could barely stand. The best bit? The whole thing closes down at 9.30, so we were tucked up in bed in plenty of time for the next day. I am a great believer is celebrating one's birthday. I find any excuse to make mine special. This ... read more
The Hat
Panorama Restaurant
The Balcony

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Ascot June 19th 2008

Ascot is all week but by far the best day for fashion is Ladies Day. Ladies wear show stopping hats and dress to impress. This is my favorite day of Ascot. Everyone drinks Pims Cups and had a great time. ... read more
Ladies Day at Ascot
Ladies Day at Ascot
Ladies Day at Ascot

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Ascot June 16th 2008

We always have an amazing time at Ascot. The Queens horse racing event is a fantastic fashion show. This year everyone was buzzing about the stict dress code and how they were going to enforce it more now for the Royal Enclosure. Everyone looked great and we all had a wonderful time ; even though we didn't bet on the right horses. ... read more
Shirley and Jon

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Ascot September 10th 2007

A day of beauty, fashion and the english!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Ascot June 23rd 2007

So off to the races.... I wanted a My Fair Lady moment. I even had a black and white dress picked out but at the last minute I changed my mind and decided to go with the most colourful dress I could find! It started off alright, the bus took us right to Ascot, where we were served with Champagne and Cheese, lovely... Then the heavens openned and the rain came tumbling down! We had to take shelter in the bus whilst we waited for it to subside. Into the racecourse we went, staight away our beautifully manicured feet were covered in mud! If we had bothered with fake tan, it didn't actually matter because as we walked the mud flicked up onto the backs of our legs making us a wonderful sight. We did ... read more
Champagne & Cheese time
Refuge from the storm!
Muddy Feet!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Ascot June 23rd 2007

Part of the great British experience includes donning frock and hat and doing the "My Fair Lady" at the Ascot races (Mum, please don't sing). With this inspiration, some work colleagues and I packed ourselves on a train full of well-dressed yobs to head to the splendour and pomp of Ascot. (Men in top hats shouldn't be allowed to drink beer. Spoils the whole look.) There was pomp and royalty a-plenty, for sure. The Queen was there with Prince P, promenading along the home straight. I am not sure that the Queen's eyesight was good enough to appreciate the impressive waving technique that we had all been practising, however we all enjoyed ourselves. There was also plenty of miserable cold London rain. Summer has not yet come to London and the weather didn't take a ... read more
Frocked up and ready to go
A&O do Ascot
Ladies, don your hats...

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Ascot June 21st 2007

Ladies Day at Royal Ascot Europe » United Kingdom » England » London » Ascot By The Martini s June 21st 2007 Kelly Martin We had an amazing day today in London. Robert our favorite driver picked us up and took us to Ladies Day of Royal Ascot. This is the day where the ladies pull out all of the stops with the extravagant hats. We didn't win any money but we had a fantastic time. We got back to the hotel and had a drink and then Jon's Aunt Melanie, Jeff and cousins Jordan and Derek arrived from S... read more
Ladies Day at Ascot
Ladies Day at Ascot
Ladies Day at Ascot

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Ascot June 19th 2007

Jon, Camille and I had another unbelievable day in London. Jon hit Moss Bros early this morning to pick up his morning coat and top hat. Once we were all dressed, Robert our driver picked us up and took us to Opening day of Royal Ascot. One of the Queen’s favorite pastimes in horseracing and this is her horseracing party. The grounds are truly amazing and this year was the second year of the new building and they have really perfected everything. Once we were in the Royal Enclosure. We went to the Parade Ring to watch The Queen, Camilla, Prince Charles and others ride in by horse and carriage and then go to the Royal Box. We all had a bit of lunch, pimm’s cups and champagne and then bet on the first race, ... read more
Royal Ascot
Royal Ascot
Royal Ascot

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Ascot July 29th 2006

I think it's only after you've been travelling for a little while that you can appreciate how awesome it is to have your OWN room and your OWN bathroom and even you very own tv! I'm here in Ascot which is just out of London and home to the famous Ascot horse races. Alas, I'm not here to see London or horse races, but more happily, for my cousin Mala and Damien's wedding (and being that they've been together for over 10 years, it's about time too!) It's great to be able to see my extended UK family again though, and Iqra and Naima - my other cousin Anu's baby girls - have grown up so much they're unrecognisable. Mala looked gorgeous, and the men's clothes were so awesome, so British. Sadly I didn't get anywhere ... read more
Mala and Damien's Wedding

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Ascot June 24th 2006

Fresh from seeing the Queen the Saturday before, and enamoured of all things Royal, I was looking forward to Amy's birthday - she was set for a celebration in style, having organised a trip to the Royal Ascot races! With all the planning and shopping beforehand, it was set to be an exciting day. My wonderful mum (hugs, mum, and thank you once again!) packed off my dress, which only took one week to get from NZ to Blighty. Then I had four days in which to hunt down accessories - which is why Friday night at 8:45 found me in Topshop, frantically deciding that the hurty silver shoes weren't as bad as no shoes at all. I managed to get on the train to Amy's at 9am, only a little late - which of course ... read more
Fancy footwear
The gang gets psyched up

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