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October 25th 2010
Published: October 25th 2010
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just a lovely picture

Week (and a half) in Review

Well let’s see, my life over the past week and a half has been filled with school and a cold. Classes are classes; there is nothing that exciting about being a student. I received my first essay deadline, which should make the next two weeks a ball of joy, and my physics class remains the most banal thing in the history of the world. A slight update on the joys of learning the English language. I have added the words "whirly-gig" and "mignon" to my vocabulary recently.

I did have the chance to go whitewater kayaking in Hertfordshire, on the River Wye. Unfortunately, my camera is still out of commission and there are no pictures of the event. For those of you who are not whitewater enthusiasts I apologize for this next segment. The British Canoe Association has purchased a portion of the River Wye and added features to it. The river naturally runs with a pretty good current, and the futures displayed as perfectly defined eddies, and a beautiful V at the top of the rapids to shoot. As a whitewater canoeist (and tandem at that) it was so
Deer ParkDeer ParkDeer Park

Oxford again... new species of deer here, it blew me away.
strange for me to be in a kayak. Not only was the water close to me (I could feel it), but also both sides of my paddle worked. I didn’t have to use correction strokes to ferry I could just paddle. That being said, I believe that the time I spend kayaking this year will vastly improve my whitewater canoeing capabilities, as the lean is my weakest point in a canoe and it is the most emphasized part of maneuvers in kayaking. Ok enough of being a canoe geek, lets move on.

Here is a tidbit for the English Literature persons reading, on the way to and from the river we passed Tintern Abbey. Far from being the remote and isolated ruin that Wordsworth described, it is now at the heart of a bustling little town, with its very own B&B and adjoining pub next to it. Needless to say I was both amused at the extent that our capitalistic society exploits tourist opportunities and disappointed at the same time. Ok now I am done being an English geek, lets move on again.

After spending the day cold (except for when I schooled people in Ultimate Frisbee) and wet on Saturday, I succumbed to a common cold. After two years of teaching ballet to toddlers in Madison I thought that I had encountered every type of cold virus out there and gained a good resistance. Unfortunately, that does not apply to the thousands of viruses that are floating around on the new continent in which I now reside. I therefore nursed a cough, runny nose and headache for the week. Sorry no pictures this time… I promise the next blog update will be filled with them!


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Wild CityWild City
Wild City

it was amazing that this peaceful setting could be found in the middle of the city!
Oxford CastleOxford Castle
Oxford Castle

We got chased out by a monk!

27th October 2010

Did you really get chased by a monk?!?!
So did you really get based by a monk? That's fantastic! Ha :) hope you are feeling better love!
27th October 2010

chased by a monk
I don't think he was a real one... but he was dressed up as one!

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