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September 30th 2010
Published: October 1st 2010
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Rainy AmsterdamRainy AmsterdamRainy Amsterdam

I loved the tulips against the dreariness of the planes.

Written in Amsterdam

Well, at this point I have been awake for twenty-four hours. Really this shouldn’t be a big deal (I mean I am a college student) but right now as I sit in the Amsterdam Airport for going on 8 hours all I can think about is finding a bed and closing my eyes. However, in lieu of sleeping I decided to write my flight-blog now instead of waiting until I was not falling asleep on my feet. Truly I believe that some of my best writing comes when I am beyond tired (read anything that I have written in a college class) and if it is not my best than at least it is amusing.

I started out this morning (8:15 am CST) by frantically unpacking and repacking my bags in a hurried attempt to fit everything into my two checked bags, my carry on, and my computer bag. I then got to relax and enjoy my last few hours of Chicago sunshine. Once I arrived at O’Hare International the check in was relatively simple and security no more extreme than usual despite there being a Code Orange alert. The only unfortunate incident that occurred
Where I ate BreakfastWhere I ate BreakfastWhere I ate Breakfast

These life size tea cups reminded me of Alice in Wonderland!
was when I lost my camera somewhere in the International Terminal of the airport. If anyone wants to checkout the M8 gate for a black camera in a red camera case with gray and red pea cord I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks for all your help in advance.

The long flight actually went by relatively quickly although I didn’t sleep a wink. I must say that KLM has amazing service on International flights, even for economy class seats. They still serve meals at no extra fee; have hot towels, pillows, fleece blankets and basically whatever drinks you desire. My greatest accomplishment on the flight was listening to all of Around the World in 80 Days, in an attempt to put myself to sleep that obviously didn’t work.

Really the most painful part of this whole experience has been the exceedingly long layover in Amsterdam. However, this too shall pass, and is in fact passing very quickly as I plan on boarding my second and final flight to Bristol in around 45 minutes. It is amazing how quickly time can pass when you read an entire book. Oh, side note I did have the time (around 3:00

This is a great, note the sarcasm, self-portrait taken without lots of sleep...
am CST) to purchase a new camera. It is waterproof, and shockproof and I got a discount on it and the memory card because I think the guy in the store felt sorry for me.

Written in Bristol

My favorite part of my trip this far is was my flight into the tiny (around the size of Madison’s) airport in Bristol. I believe that the pilot was having flashbacks to his youth and decided that swaying right and left turning in circles was more fun than just getting to Bristol. Although the flight was only 50 minutes long so I guess it wasn’t that bad. According to the BBC Bristol is having "Sunny Intervals" today; I guess that "Sunny Intervals" means that there are slight gaps in the dark clouds with total cloud coverage anyways.

This afternoon and evening were a great introduction to Bristol. I was able to walk with Andrea around the Downs (a gigantic green area in Bristol), by the Avon Gorge, and through some of the city. My new camera had no batteries so unfortunately I didn't get pictures of the walk but I am sure I can capture some tomorrow.
My Last AirplaneMy Last AirplaneMy Last Airplane

It was a Cityhopper, I was one of the final people to board and I tried to pretend I was getting on Air Force One. No sleep check at that point 26 hours and counting...

If you made it this far through my ramblings congratulations! Now feel free to look at my pictures from the Amsterdam Airport/arriving at Bristol!

Additional photos below
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There was a pretty view out the window of the North Sea, I took a picture

2nd October 2010

Too bad about the camera At least it wasn't your passport! Enjoyed your story. Love you!
3rd October 2010

Yeah I was really fortunate! Love you too Anna

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