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January 9th 2006
Published: January 9th 2006
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Where I used to workWhere I used to workWhere I used to work

Almost entirely identical to any other Waterstones
Up until Friday, I’d been working in the Waterstones (a bookshop) in Reading as a Christmas temp. Friday however was my last day. It wasn’t a particularly emotional occasion. I’d only been there six weeks.

Nevertheless it was a bittersweet final evening. I hadn’t been round long enough to feel particularly attached to the place so I didn’t experience the kind of wistful melancholy that usually affects me in similar situations. This is a good thing, as over the next few months I will be saying goodbye to a lot of people and places.

I will miss the place though. In general, the people there are lovely and the work’s not bad. Although, considering my previous humble career it’s not a great accolade, working has been quite probably my favourite job.

I went out for drinks with some of the staff after work as some of the other temps are also leaving. While it was a pleasant enough evening, probably due to my overindulgence with the Guinness, I don’t really know the people that well and, give or take one or two people, it’s unlikely I’ll see many of them again. As I said this is something I’ll
The Staff RoomThe Staff RoomThe Staff Room

Exciting eh.. you won't see this in any of Michael Palin's books
have to get used to.

As far as the trip is concerned, little has changed. While I have taken the somewhat shocking step of procuring a diary/organizer type thing, (and those of you who know me will realize how momentous this is) nothing physical, excluding two rather long lists, has actually been achieved.

Tomorrow I plan to visit STA travel and get a quote of some sort on some tickets.

Hopefully I will have progressed more by the next entry.

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My houseMy house
My house

I got wet taking this photo. That's how much I care

My brother messing about.

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