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September 16th 2019
Published: October 4th 2019
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Harlan's full English breakfast at Julia's BnB
16 September 2019, Monday
Day 15 on Thames Path, a rest day in Windsor and visit to the castle. Day 30 of travel.

A new day dawns and it is a rest day--yah! For some reason we thought daily mileages were decreasing after Marlow; instead every day is longer than indicated in the national trails guide book. A nine mile day is thirteen, an eleven mile day turns in to a fourteen mile day--it is most distressing 😒. And fatiguing.

The night before, Julia had smoothed the ruffled feathers of four tired, frustrated travelers as they arrived at her door. She served tea in her lovely parlor, shared information of the area (important information such as, "Where is the nearest laundromat?") and sent us off to a local pub to get a "nutritional attitude adjustment."

We had a lovely breakfast, ordered the evening before, and cooked by Julia. We start out with a big bowl of fresh fruit, which can be accompanied by yoghurt. One morning I had porridge, the second morning a delicious salmon accompanied tomatoes and scrambled eggs. Oh yum! Now to the bread. Would you like croissants, pan du chocolate or toast--white or dark? On

Karen's smoked salmon and eggs
the table are beautiful glass containers of jam and marmelade. Coffee comes in a French press and is delicious. Many varieties of tea are available.

Next mission was do the laundry. Bubbles laundromat was cleaned, manned, and in good working order unlike the Oxford experience.

While Karen minded the wash Harlan got a much needed haircut. He finds an Armenian barber who gives him a straight razor trim after a close haircut just down the street from the laundromat

When he returns I skip over to the local Oxfam shop. Many books and cards that are my downfall.

At the laundromat, Karen chats with an interesting couple from Toronto that are soon meeting up with friends, two couples, for a repeat trip on a narrowboat. They have done over eight trips on English waterways using the narrowboats. Well, from knowing very little about their operation, after this walk, they are now near the top of my bucket list. More on them later.

Then Jo and I converse with a California gentleman who is getting ready to do another segment of the Camino. He is, I feel, pretty judgmental about how some pilgrims do their camino,

The lion theme in Windsor. This one just outside a nearby brewery
either by how they lodge or plan their transportation. It is not until later in the evening that Jo and I chance to talk about the morning conversation. We both feel that one cannot judge a person's motives or how he executes a Camino venture. There is an old Indian saying, "Do not judge a man until you have walked at least two moons in his moccasins." I am having enough trouble with my own mocassins to contemplate walking in someone else's mocassins! So, since I really do not know the laundromat man well or why he states Camino views that differ from mine I will just chalk up the conversation as one of my more interesting laundromat encounters!

In the afternoon we had the audio guided tour of the castle. Windsor is a mammoth edifice. Guinness Book of World records says the Prague Castle complex is the largest but Wikipedia states Windsor is the largest 'inhabited' castle--so you get the idea that it is very large!! We walk up a ramp to enter and there are many, many wooden benches, along the high, grey stone wall, for weary people to wait to buy their tickets. I shudder to

And anither the March on lion
think what it might be like in summer. We wander
through room after room in the section called the state department and it all becomes overwhelming. To our taste it is more interesting than Versailles that was just over the top in tastelessness (if there is such a word.)

Finally the grand finale--St. Jame's Chapel. Harlan removes his hideous replacement hat and I, in an unnecessary act of piety, remove my Tilley hat. I know it was unnecessary but my hat just seemed so sporty and out of place in the beautiful surroundings. I tuck it under my arm and, about 45 minutes later meet Harlan near the exit. He asks where my hat is--I race back to where I had removed it while reading a brochure--no hat. The staff is wonderful. They call to the myriad lost and founds' on the property and one man walks my entire route with me. Finally he sadly says, "Ah, it is the same kind of person who takes a picture under the sign, "No Photography" while sucking on a lolly!"

Then a quick dinner at a nearby pub. The one we had hope to eat at was not serving for

This was the home of the British Hawker aircraft. Sir Sydney Camm's aircraft the won the air battle of Britain
2 more hours and fully booked . The one we ate at and that is another story?

Additional photos below
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This one on display in the park

Norma and Karen with the flowers

And another lion the musical lion

The only photo allowed to take in the palace of the Queen and her great grandchildren

Entrance gate to the Castle

Statue inside gate

model of the Castle as built by William the conquer Around 1070

Model of Castle as it is today

Armillary and tower

The guard just as we are leaving the palace

Pub for dinner but not serving for Several hours so a drink and moved on

This day in history at the pub.

The old pub

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