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June 14th 2011
Published: June 15th 2011
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My last trip was in April and some of you may be wondering what has been happening since I arrived home. We had a Royal wedding in the UK which for those that love the royal family that was wonderful, and for the rest of us it meant an extra day off! This allowed many people across the UK including myself to take 11 working days off but only use 7 days holiday and as it was my birthday Thank you Wills and Kate for that generous birthday gift. We didn’t watch the wedding; instead we went for a walk around the local nature reserve and chilled out in the garden with Joes parents and had dinner with my family.
It was a glorious 2 weeks, infact probably the only summer that the UK is going to get this year so instead of clearing our garage as planned as I could not justify staying inside we went for local walks, we visited Henley, Oxford and even had a tipple at our local vineyard. Of course it was my birthday so gifts for this occasion are important! I gathered all the money given to me as gifts for my birthday and we
My Birthday BBQMy Birthday BBQMy Birthday BBQ

My Friends and their kids and Joe doing the cooking
headed to the shops and bought me a Digital SLR Canon 1100D and then everyone has had to suffer having their photo taken since . A Barbeque was planned for the 7th May, the day after my birthday but alas the glorious weather could not last and it rained like African rain so we called it off and did the Barbeque the following weekend.
When I came back to work without falling off my Brompton at all I must add (although I did bash my toe and it still really hurts), Sean tried his best to be serious when he said “we need to talk” but the smile gave it away... more birthday presents! YAY! And after I got past the team taking the mick out of me and my eco beliefs by wrapping my gift in the financial times, I received from them the best picnic basket in the world, I absolutely love it!! I also got a bottle of Strawberry Bellini which I will share with my friends on our girlie night in.
And then it is back to work.... As well as the usual paperwork and visa’s I have been preparing traveller information sheets as requested by

in my backgarden
other travellers and Mike, these are about the various countries that we as a company visit, it has been an interesting way to learn about the different countries and cultures, I have posted out first aid books and bandages to Uganda and Tanzania in readiness for my next visit in June, and I have been to Birmingham for the Health and Safety Expo where I met all the people I speak to on Health and Safety for Beginners Forum – so that was exciting (if you like that kind of thing) and I listened to the heartfelt story of a man who fell from a ladder, Jason Anker , Over 17 years Jason has come to terms with the indignities and frustrations of life as a paraplegic and his guilt and regret at failing to speak up in a situation he knew to be risky. He now uses his experiences to warn others of the devastating consequences of not speaking out when you know something to be unsafe. I also lost the chance to win a IPAD 2 when I couldn’t catch a red ball in the QUBE.
It has not all been fun and laughter though, there has also
Ironing BuntingIroning BuntingIroning Bunting

my mother preparing for the Royal wedding...
been some sadness too, my sister found out that her metal on metal hip is failing and needs replacing again. Joe’s colleague and friend from Microsoft, Chris passed away In April 2011, he was only 30 but had battled with cancer and from my extended family 1st Langley Scout group, Steve “Baloo” Sutton who was in his 50’s, this brave man ended his 11 year battle with cancer in May 2011.
I have also been poorly, it was my own fault though, I have an abscess which I have been ignoring for a very long time, it has now caused me to have an ear, nose and throat infection all leading to a chest infection – I have now had to endure root canal!
I am raising money with race for life for cancer research by running 5km and I have been baking lots of cakes – to sponsor me go to http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/lisakelly0605
On MSN news Dar Es Salaam came up as one of the grubbiest cities in the world ‘Travellers pass through the city on the way to Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania's superb safaris and Zanzibar's white beaches but, in a country where less than half of the population has
Race for Life cakesRace for Life cakesRace for Life cakes

my fundraising efforts - this is a red velvet hummingbird cake
access to decent sanitation, capital city Dar es Salaam is struggling under the pressure of rapid urbanisation.
WaterAid has described the Temeke District of Dar as having streets "paved with poo". Jane Scobie of the charity has been witness to the problem. "Dar has grown without effective town planning, and approximately 70% of the population lives in unplanned settlements," she confirms. Despite this, Kariokoo Market is a great place to banter with the locals, while peaceful Coco Beach offers a perfect sunset dining experience.’ “Paved with Poo”!! I think thats an exaggeration, well I can tell you for one I am looking forward to my next visit there on the 18th June where I will be with Mike and Resus African Annie carrying out First aid training before heading back to Uganda to also carrying out First aid training there and Mike will be doing his Fire Training – Wish us luck
All the best and stay safe

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Playing with my new camera settings

This swan lives in the lake near my home and gave us quite a show
Scouts trip to Belgium Scouts trip to Belgium
Scouts trip to Belgium

this was a long time ago but a memory to Steve
unashamedly meunashamedly me
unashamedly me

I was recreating a photo from Charles and Diana's wedding

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