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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Hungersford April 26th 2008

The day has come and we are ready to go. Everyone has been so kind and helpful we are so lucky to have so many great friends. The weather was absolutely foul but it did not drench the moment when the limo turned up at the door the look on the boys faces was a picture the best kept secret and how else to leave Great Shefford in style 'A la Pretty Woman' but in a limo (shame Richard Gere could not make it!) The young children from playgroup must have wondered who these strange people were in the big car and why were they standing in the rain waving flags at strange people acting strangely? The drive up the motor way was great fun and we all enjoyed a glass or two of champagne even ... read more
Send off in the rain
Arriving in Style

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Hungersford February 4th 2006

We have had some requests for some wedding pictures from fellow travellers... so i thought i would put some on our blog. Don't we look lovely. We were married on July 16th 2005 - we will be spending our anniversary in Sydney, Australia. It will be our 2nd day in Sydney.... read more
The Wedding.
The Wedding.
The Wedding.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Hungersford April 17th 2004

Well, Colly and I decided that we had had quite enough of London and the stench of city streets, sewers and the Tube. So, headed for Reading with the intent of getting a bit of fresh air. Slept the night at Coly (she snores worse than I do!) and headed for the hills the next morning sort of early. Found our B&B easy enough - tucked away in the back streets of Hungersford, after wending our way thru the village. People pleasant, the chap of the house a hiker of note and full of maps and information. We borrowed a map, got lost, saw lots, and could not identify the beautiful yellow flowering crop! But - it tastes like young broccolai if that helps! What a giggle - we walked up an down dale, got a ... read more
Fields if yellow
Mossy Perch
Ruined Castle

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