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May 27th 2013
Published: June 25th 2017
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Geo: 44.5144, 34.1757

Status; Arrived 0950hrs.!!! The train pulls in amongst a sea of people crossing train lines.Yalta Station is modern and full of small traders and harmless hotel touts. The sun is shining and we feel a sense of mild achievement as we have made it from Epsom Station all the way overland!
To be frank we are exhausted! En route to Yalta which is only a feeble 1hr 30 mins drive away, we are to visit some caves in the hills! Can't wait.....possibly the last thing I want to do after virtually no sleep for 30 hours!.

1130am Caves. We have driven up a dirt track and past a larger bulldozer. The scenery is magnificent but a I am fading fast. Eventually there is a small hut and a "Tyaet block" All painted up on the outside like a small beach hut in Whitstable. But the inside is like the worst I have ever been into in West Africa. I am getting concerned.

Cave Tour Options: Professional - flippers - oxygen - wet suit - explosives - prayer mat
Mid range - various levels of chambers - possible chance of getting lost.

We opt for the "baby" adventure - 20 mins 200 meters, guide, string and fully lit!

Actually they were very good and worth the 2 hour detour!

Yalta 1430: We arrive at the Hotel Bristol at long last. Located right on the esplanade the hotel gets a good write up. Having signed the "House Rules" no guns, women after 2200hrs, gambling, etc etc we make our way via a "micro lift" next to which is a strategically placed vending machine that does not sell cigarettes or anything useful unless you are on a wild weekend away with the lads! Our room however is great - a 2 chamber affair - well appointed and with a magnificent view over Yalta Harbour and backdrop of mountains.

The rest of the day is spent eating two vast pizzas and walking down the sea front (yes we do sometimes do normal holiday things).

Lights out 2130.

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