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August 29th 2021
Published: August 29th 2021
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Kyiv Cave Monastery from a distance looks like a standard Orthodox Church but it is built on top of a huge and very complex system of narrow underground tunnels.

In the 11th century, an orthodox monk Anthony founded the monastery searching for solitude in the Ukrainian wilderness. He excavated a cave within the hillside where he lived a modest life. One by one monks began to join him and a community evolved.

The complex is split into two parts. One above ground and one below. The caves were the beginning of a detailed excavation in which monks created a labyrinth of underground caves and catacombs.

We were unable to go inside the caves but Olga had a recording on her iPad which she was able to show us.

What an amazing experience to be able to see inside these caves, the relics & bodies of mummified Monks, they did not decay which makes believers consider the dead monks Saints. The composition of climate and air had preserved the bodies and although covered with cloth, they could still be viewed through the glass coffins.

So many beautiful buildings within this complex, All-Saints Church
was built by Hetman Ivan Mazepa in 1696, as show by Olga on a local currency banknote. We were also able to briefly go inside one of the churches.

This certainly was an interesting tour and at the end of the Olga produced her familiar book of wisdom and read out today’s words of wisdom.

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28th September 2021

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