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July 2nd 2015
Published: July 6th 2015
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This day was our best so far, we did 700 km from Dusseldorf to Luzern. We directly found a ride from a really nice couple from New Hampshire. Martin was a proffessor at New Hampshire University in tidal wave energy and he was in Germany with his wife for a conference. We all had many intersts in common (they were interested in sharks oh boy) which made it a very pleasant ride and we felt sad to leave the car after that. They dropped us below Frankfurt. In that gasstation a woman asked us if we needed a ride till Heidelberg which was very nice for a change. There we had to wait so long under the sun and suddenly a nice young woman came towards us while we were sitting at a corner and she started to talk about the heat and eventually she offered a ride. She was such a trustful person cause she just gave her car keys to us and went to get a drink from the shop. She drove us till Freiburg where we continued to Basel, Switzerland with a very silent but friendly Swiss man.

At the gas station in Basel we met another hichhiker who told us he has been traveling for 5 years already (!). After a nice exchange of traveling stories and hichhiking tips we decided to leave the rides for him and take a little break for ourselves to cook our dried vegetables. We started hitchhiking again at 9 oclock but we soon realized that it was a pretty hopeless situation there at that hour with only local trafic. But unexpectedly, we quickly met the perfect person, Elmar, who drove us all the way to Luzern and had many interesting stories to tell. He travelled a lot himself and he definitely knew what it is to travel like we do. So Elmar took us all the way up to the mountains to have a nice place to camp. It was a perfect place to sleep with a full moon, a view over the city below and fresh running water that we could wash ourselves in (finally). We are really grateful for all these amazing people who have helped us so much!

We are writing this already from an internet cafe in Venice, but it is time to get underway already so the rest of our trip is still to come!

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