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March 24th 2013
Published: April 9th 2013
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Switzerland has got to be the most beautiful country that I've come across thus far. With a soft spot for breathtaking scenery and incredible landscapes, I have been in awe by what I've seen: the snow-capped alps, crystal clear lakes and lush greenery. Riding on the high speed train and admiring what nature brings to us has got to be my next favourite hobby! And on top of that, Swiss adds the human touch to the whole experience, with friendly locals, people and an ingrained tourism culture. This post shall summarise the interesting encounters and the most memorable experiences in the week spent in this amazing country.


Most memorable experience - catching the sunset with the view of the city from the square outside the university.


Most memorable experience - closed-up observation of watching water gushing down the Rhinefalls, and reflecting on this most unyielding form of nature. Simply amazing, in my eyes.

Interesting encounter - While climbing the seemingly endless stairs up to the fortress of this old city, we were stopped in our tracks by this German-speaking white-haired man. With the help of Steph's adequate German and his animated body language, we figured that he wanted help with taking a portrait shot of him, with the city skyline on his modest phone. We chatted with him for quite a while (with Steph doing most of the speaking in German) and took 2 shots with him before he slowly make his way down the stairs in a calmly fashion. The most impressionable part of the conversation was the answer to his age: "eighty-three". Respect.


Most memorable experience - enjoying the breeze and sight of the lake with the Chapel bridge as backdrop, and capturing shots of dozens of ducks, swans, birds enjoying the nature likewise.


Most memorable experience - paragliding down and landing right smack into town; enjoying the bird's eye view (literally!) of the whole landscape, of the town centre flanked by 2 lakes surrounded by the snow-capped Alps all around. A whole new once-in-a-lifetime experience which I would not trade for any! And thank God for the incredibly good weather that day.

Most memorable (no. 2) experience - a 360 degrees view at the summit of Shilthorn, close to 3000m above sea level. Pure white landscape of mountains after mountains, one that I have always imagined, since scaling summits back home in southeast Asia. Love the exhilarating view from the top of mountains, so much!


Most memorable experience - relaxing by the lagoon and enjoying the tranquility set in this quiet corner off lake brien. Lovely little peaceful village.

Interesting encounter - entering the little farm of this really kind Swiss lady who was doing gardening at her own backyard. We were initially drawn away by her really plump hens but subsequently chatted with her (again with Steph doing most of the talking in German!), and found out that she's the mid-wife of the village. After passing her a polaroid picture taken of her and Steph, we were kindly given 2 Easter eggs that were hatched by her very own hens! (We cooked and ate them eventually in Milan =p)

Fond memories, beautiful country, amazing people and a wonderful experience. I'm pretty sure I'll be back to visit again. 😊 For now, next stop, Italy: Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome.

*After reviewing the photos and recalling the memories, I felt that this concise post perhaps doesn't quite do justice to my experience in the country. Hopefully the photos will do just that 😊

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9th April 2013

Excellent! Switzerland!
We are thinking of going to Switzerland in the fall so I really enjoyed reading this one and looking at the photos. When in Florence, take the walking tour.
11th April 2013

Enjoy Switz!
I'm sure you two will enjoy Switz too, def a top choice! A pity though, that we missed the walking tour in Florence
10th April 2013

Our home country :-)
We are happy, you two enjoyed our home country so much! Well, we have decided that we should definitely go and do the paragliding in Interlaken which we haven't tried so far (we also haven't seen the Rhinefalls which looks beautiful). If you come back to Switzerland let us know. Great travels, Nina + Mark
11th April 2013

Re-visit to Switz
Will love to return one day. Don't know when but I know that I will return. Will let you two know when I do, and hopefully it's soon! Meanwhile, enjoy paragliding if u all try it! Your country is just lovely :)
11th April 2013

Really lovely feel with this blog. Wow...Switzerland looks incredible.
11th April 2013

Thanks David, your words encourage my writing and your own blog and photos inspire me too!
12th April 2013

Your main photo brings back mixed memories for me!
It was almost ten years ago, I had my first digital camera and I'd hiked up that hill in Zurich and managed to take a similar picture, of a hang glider. In my excitement looking at the image on the screen, and clearly un-accustomed to this new-fangled technology, I deleted the image forever!
13th April 2013

I guess that scene have stayed in your memory bank for a long time!
13th April 2013

Nice :)
It reminds me of New Zealand !
13th April 2013

New Zealand
I would love to visit New Zealand some day!

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