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September 2nd 2010
Published: November 10th 2017
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We arrived in Geneva after an hour delay in Washington, due to a faulty a/c unit on our plane. They found another plane at another gate and off we went.
Sleeping on the plane didn't go very well for either of us. We arrived in Geneva about 9:30AM. We took a cab to our hotel and found out that I had made the reservation for the day before! Luckily, they had rooms available. Of course, some poeple would call it a large closet, rather than a room. It has an RV style bathroom. But it is comfortable. We checked in and promptly took a nap.
After we got up and unpacked, we went donstairs to find out how we could get to downtown Geneva. The only way is to take a cab(40 Swiss francs). Ouch!!! We got into downtown and did a small walking tour up to Cathedrale De St. Pierre. It is a 12th century church.
We walked around old town some more and then found an Italian resturant for dinner. Then back to the room for the night. Stacy slept great, but I couldn't sleep even with my Melatonin.
We got up on Wednesday, showered, had breakfast, and then back downtown for a long walking tour. We went to 3 museums, 2 parks, dinner and home. Oh, did I mention the pickpocket in the park? He had his slimy fingers on my wallet before I knew what he was doing, but again Stacy realized what he was doing and shoved him away. Luckily he didn't get anything. Rob, I need you to show me a couple of karate moves, so I can keep these idiots at bay.
We woke up around 11:00PM with someone trying to get into our room. Somehow , the person at the desk gave them our room. Luckily, we had the deadbolt on and they couldn't get in. But alas, I couldn't get to sleep again.
We woke up Thursday morning with sore muscles from all of the walking we did the day before. Again, showers, breakfast and a cab ride to downtown. We toured the International Red Cross museum, The United Nations building and a botanical gardens before walking back dontown for lunch. I was getting pretty beat by then, but found a RedBull and got my wings! A quick lunch and then a boat ride on Lake Geneva to see the fabulous houses lining the shores. After the boat ride, we took 2 tram tours of the area so we could rest up. Tonight, hopefully I'll get some sleep as we pick up our car tomorrow and head out into the French countryside.

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Jet D'eauJet D'eau
Jet D'eau

A water jet, goes up 459 feet

2nd September 2010

I think I'll show those moves to Mudder...since by the time you would go to use them the guy (and yor wallet) would be LONG gone. What, no picture of the car?
2nd September 2010

What...no smile...you are in freaking Geneva!!
3rd September 2010

Wow, I guess you better watch your wallet. Put it in your front pocket. Thats what Dad does.
3rd September 2010

You need one of those wallet holders that goes round your neck. Glad you arrived safely - and your luggage too!! Nice pictures. Stop saying wish you were here as we know you don't really mean it.
6th September 2010

Great pictures, keep them coming. Guess you don't have to worry you have Stacy to protect you.That room is really small.

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