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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Kandersteg July 11th 2018

After turning my back on the Thunersee (Friday 6thJuly) for what I assumed would be the last time, I took a train south to Kandersteg and immediately checked into the Hotel des Alpes near the centre of town. My reasons for choosing the Hotel des Alpes over the International Scout Centre (where I had stayed when I passed through Kandersteg twoyears ago) were three-fold: 1) I wouldn't have to walk for twenty minutes out of town to reach my accommodation, 2) I wouldn't have to share the breakfast buffet with a couple of hundred obnoxious teenagers each morning, and 3) I would have a guaranteed venue in which to watch all four World Cup quarter-finals, without even having to go outside... which, with the rain still bucketing down upon my arrival in Kandersteg, would have probably ... read more
Three Peaks
Starting Out
A Long Way To Go...

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren July 6th 2018

Two years ago, on my last trip to Europe, I had attempted to hike from Engelberg all the way to Leukerbad (about 130km in all) through the heart of the Swiss Alps, along a section of the multi-national Via Alpina trail network. Unfortunately though, having successfully crossed three reasonably high mountain passes (the Jochpass, Grosse Scheidegg and Kleine Scheidegg) on my way from Engelberg to Lauterbrunnen, I was then forced to abandon my attempt to cross by far the two highest passes on my route – the Sefinenfurgge at 2612m and the Hohtürli at 2778m – due to bad weather. While I was then able to complete the final leg of my through-hike from Kandersteg over the Gemmipass and down into Leukerbad, this left a gap of about 25km, stretching between the town of Mürren (above ... read more
V-Shaped Valley
Dramatic Backdrop
Tourist Town

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva June 29th 2018

Term 3 was filled with school and work, but also football tournaments, athletics competitions, sports days, more netball, theater productions, musical concerts, school camps/residentials, the summer fair, visitors, and our April birthdays. Murray also went to Algeria and Bangladesh for work. We managed a quick trip to Vienna for Dave's big birthday, a Scottish ball. We had a blast! Also catching up with LInda, Al and Jaqueline from our ANZA Kenya days. A Kenya/Vienna reunion weekend. We also managed a weekend away in Italy in Baveno near the lake. A lovely, wet weekend exploring a beautiful area. Primary school is now finished for Charlotte, which means English curriculum secondary school starts in September. An emotional milestone. Summer sees us doing a few weekend trips but mostly staying in Geneva area enjoying paddleboarding and kayaking on the ... read more
Char turned 11 yrs old
All dressed up ready for the party, Vienna
Baveno lake, Italy

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Aubonne June 23rd 2018

Yes time for us to change countries - Switzerland here we come. The only stop today is in Geneva where we planned to picnic on the waters edge. Geneva is a welcome relief with a lot less smoking and a clean atmosphere, we found a park on the waterfront and parked in the underground car park. After lunch we decided to have a walk, Clarke went shopping, and Rose and I walked along the waterfront, looked at all the fancy cars coming and going at the Four Seasons, stopped and had an ice cream at Movenpicks, as big a rip off as Australia. After Geneva we headed to Etoy our home for the next 2 nights. A nice little town with friendly locals at the local pub and a nice apartment. Dinner tonight is the real ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva June 9th 2018

Nachdem die Woche ganz ordentlich gelaufen ist und ich den Weg zum Kunden mittlerweile so gut wie auswendig kenne, habe ich mir für heute eine Besichtigung des Teilchenbeschleunigers CERN bei Genf vorgenommen. Im Jahr 2003 bin ich ja schon mal an der Anlage vorbei gefahren, glaube ich, und heute habe ich einen Platz in einer Tour bekommen. Man muss sich dazu im Internet anmelden, wobei für normale Leute immer nur die nächsten 15 Tage verfügbar sind. Und ich habe eben nur ein Slot auf französisch heute um 11:00 ergattert. Dabei habe ich jeden Tag nochmals nachgesehen, ob ich vielleicht eine englischsprachige Führung oder eine später am Samstag bekomme. Leider vergeblich. Ich bin also früh aufgestanden und nach kleinem Frühstück zu meinem Auto. Da ich in der Altstadt von Bern wohne, gibt es hier keinen Stellplatz, sondern ... read more
Im CERN bei Genf.
Im CERN bei Genf.
Abends in Bern habe ich dann noch 5 oder 6 Teller Raclette verspeist.

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Vevey June 3rd 2018

Ein neuer und hoffentlich langer und schöner Lebensabschnitt hat begonnen. Am Freitag habe ich mich von München nach Bern in der Schweiz begeben, wo ich morgen mein nächstes Projekt beginnen werde. Da habe ich auch gleich mein kleines aber schönes Apartment in der Altstadt bezogen. Dazu habe ich einen Stellplatz etwa 500m davon entfernt gemietet, da im Zentrum die Parkplätze rar sind. Ich glaube aber, dass ich mein Auto nur einmal pro Woche brauche. Gestern bin ich zum Bahnhof und habe für die täglichen Fahrten zum Kunden einen Swiss Pass beantragt und dafür meine erste Monatskarte gekauft. In einem Starbucks in der Passage habe ich auch nochmals einen Kaffee getrunken. Ich bin danach auch zu meinem Kunden gefahren, um den Standort schon mal kennen zu lernen. Danach bin ich wieder zurück und habe einen zweiten Supermarkt ... read more
Uferpromenade von Vevey.
Charly Chaplin war auch hier.
Eis am Marktplatz von Vevey.

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva March 24th 2018

We have had so much snow this winter, it does feel like the ski season has gone on forever. We made the most of our local ski field, La Faucille in the Jura and the French alps close by, our favourite this season seems to be Les Houches near Chamonix on the French side. Unfortunately for me, I suffered yet another ski injury, my hamstring this time. So I'm now back on my snowboard again, which hurts less but seems to actually require more fitness and strength which I currently lack. The girls are all doing amazingly. Charlotte went on some black runs. Hayley is now close to perfecting her parallel turns and is keen to attempt a black run (hopefully when I'm not around, ekk!). Emma just needed someone to be watching, so we started ... read more
Ski camp, les Houches
We found the tubing area
Sarah and Rachel at Les Houches

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva December 15th 2017

School started for all of us. Last minute I secured a tutoring support role at an International school nearby, which I loved. Things all seem to come at once, so after loving that role for 7 weeks, I got offered a part time more permanent position at a different international school, where I already work as a Netball coach. The new job is going well, and we seem to be managing having me a different school, with a few minor hick-ups. Although Murray's 4 week stint in Bangladesh responding to the crisis there was a little stressful for the kids and I scheduling wise. The kids and I went up to La Fouly and stayed at Camping des Glaciers for the Des Alpes, and then to a church retreat at Annecy in France, while Murray was ... read more
Solo parenting camping with 3 kiddies
Tent site
Safety first, tape securing the kids or the cows

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken » Matten bei Interlaken September 17th 2017

The next morning, I got up early before the other girls and headed for the train station towards Switzerland. France is another country where you have to make ticket reservations before you board trains, so the day before I had gone to the ticket office to book my trains, and they told me that the trains I wanted were fully booked. They did, helpfully, find me another route with more changes I could get instead though, and I booked myself onto those. My first train was from Nice to Avignon, and then from Avignon to Lyon, then Lyon to Geneva, Switzerland. I had only really booked Geneva as a place to stay for the night between travelling, but had been told it was a nice place to see on the banks of Lac Leman. As soon ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken September 7th 2017

Today we have our eagerly awaited trip up into the Alps to the Jungfraujoch. It is overcast but not cold. Our tour bus picks us up near the station outside McDonald's. McDonald's somehow seems out of place in clean, green, culturally sophisticated Switzerland. Our guide introduces himself as Kid, and he is from Burma. This seems even more out of place here than McDonald's. I wonder how someone from Burma got to be guiding tours through the Swiss Alps. Kid's accent makes him a bit hard to understand, but he seems to be very well organised, and Issy says that he has got great reviews on TripAdvisor. He tells us that we will first drive to the town of Interlaken. Along the way we pass through a lot of tunnels, including one that is five kilometres ... read more
Casino at Interlaken

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