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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva October 2nd 2018

Während meiner 17. und letzten Woche in Bern habe ich zwei Ausflüge gemacht. Den ersten davon nach Genf. Mein erster Besuch in dieser Stadt war während meiner Interrail-Tour 1992 und mein zweiter 2000. Danach war ich 2002/03 während meines Projektes am gleichnamigen See nochmals in der Stadt. Diesmal habe ich wieder problemlos einen zentralen Parkplatz gefunden und meinen Spaziergang begonnen. Zuerst bin ich zum Starbucks und habe dort Kaffee getrunken und Kuchen gegessen. Den Marmorkuchen gibt es anscheinend in allen Filialen der Welt. Von dort bin ich durch due Altstadt hinauf zur Kathedrale, wo ich 1992 schon einmal Rast eingelegt habe. Danach bin ich in die Haupteinkaufsstraße und habe dort eine Metzgerei entdeckt. Ich hätte eigentlich gewarnt sein müssen. Für zwei Steaks habe ich über 100 Euro bezahlt, aber immerhin war eines davon mein erstes Wagyu ... read more
In der Altstadt von Genf.
Die Kathedrale von Genf.
Mein Wagyu-Steak.

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken » Matten bei Interlaken September 25th 2018

We had intended to go hiking in the Emmentaler area today at a small place called Sumiswald but decided against it as it meant another 2 hours on a train to get there and another back again. It is our last day in the Berner Oberland so we figured there were areas close at hand that we could visit. We set off for Wilderswil first which is nearby and headed off down the Lutschine River to it's outflow into the lake of Brienz. One mistake. There was a really cold wind blowing and we were doing our Kiwi habit of shorts and a light jacket when longs and a windproof jacket was in order. The Lutschine flows down the far side of a huge unused aerodrome belonging to the armed forces. All around it are large ... read more
A sheltered spot near Boningen at the head of the Brienzersee
The Monch and Jungfrau mountains from Unterseen

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken » Matten bei Interlaken September 24th 2018

A note: "Higher, stronger, faster" is the Olympic Motto. And seen on a poster: "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not the winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well" (Pierre de Coubertin) "And shopping is not an Olympic Event" The weather has changed and it has been a cold, blustery day. After all the hiking in the mountains over the past few days it was time for a break and to go somewhere less elevated and warmer. We figured to go to the other side of the Alps where the weather was fine but cold. Our Swiss Travel Pass allows us to go anywhere in Switzerland so we set off to visit the Olympic Museum in Lausanne which we'd visited many years ago but was ... read more
The world record high jump
One of the interactive displays

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Grindelwald September 23rd 2018

We considered that a continuation from yesterday was in order for today since the weather was good, so we got the train to Grindelwald and then the Post Bus to Grosse Scheidegg where we had finished yesterday. We liked the look of walking down to Schwartzwaldalp from the far side of the valley rather than down the middle where we usually go. First, we headed across the saddle then off down to an Alp below the mountains - no people of course. The views to the Wetterhorn and beyond were magnificent as we were at waterfall height and looking directly to the glaciers. The first part of the hike was great until we decided to take a track down rather than a 45 minute longer route. It was down over grass, rocky rough paths, bog and ... read more
Walking towards the far side of the valley across the Scheidegg
The glacier and falls off the Wetterhorn
A quiet lunch stop near Schwartzwaldalp

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken September 22nd 2018

Today was our catchup day with our old Swiss friend, Mariann. We had decided that not matter what socializing we did today, it had to include using the Swiss Travel Pass as they are expensive - F900 for 15 days or around $1000+ of ours. After spending the morning with Mariann at her house she agreed to come with us to Kandersteg where we went many years ago but hadn't been back. We would either go up to the Lake Oschinesee or to Sunbuel which Mariann had been told was a lovely place to go to. The lake we had been to before and is one of the icons of mountain lake photos so always worth a visit. However, we were happy to go to somewhere new too. We set off from Interlaken West station to ... read more
At Sunbuel with a side branch valley behind
Looking back down the Kander Valley from the cable car

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Grindelwald September 22nd 2018

Of course, since Grindelwald has been our old stomping ground for years, we should at least pay a visit or two. The problem is, it's changed a lot over the years and is now a tourism mecca, meaning that it is teeming with tourists to visit the many popular places. It is a stunning place but it was so much nicer before it became overrun. The good thing is, it is not difficult to quickly get out of the busy places and still not miss out on the beauty. On arriving in Grindelwald, the train spewed out a myriad of black heads of predominantly Asians, so it is still popular with them but there weren't the large numbers of Indians and Arabs as seen at other times. The more popular the place becomes, the more they ... read more
Below First taking the mountain trail
The Marmot Trail
Back at Grosse Scheidegg at the foot of the Wetterhorn mountain

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken » Matten bei Interlaken September 20th 2018

I opted not to write up a blog for yesterday as it was a travelling day from St Gallen to Interlaken and then to settle into our apartment and buy food. The apartment is up to standard and in a quiet location but not with the views we've been used to from previous trips. After a chat to the family at home, we headed off to Interlaken Ost to get the train to Lauterbrunnen. What a circus! Tourists everywhere and standing room only in the train. And we thought coming later in the year would downsize the tourist population. I guess there are some places in Switzerland which are an absolute magnet and this is one of them. On reflection, in perfect weather, why wouldn't people want to go up the Jungfrau or Schilthorn? However, we ... read more
What a lunch time view to soak up
The 1.2km tunnel
Such a strange place for a long tunnel

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Grindelwald September 17th 2018

Wow, what a day this was. After breakfast in Montreaux, we hit the road again, first stop, the famous ski/climbers destination, Zermatt, Switzerland. The first part of the leg was through rolling hills at the foot of some beautiful mountains. This was wine country, with Vineyards placed in every available piece of land. There were. Vineyards planted on steep hills that made you wonder how they tended and harvested the grapes. After the turn at Visp, the scenery changed significantly. We began our climb into Zermatt, with steep, switchbacked roads, and gorgeous scenery beyond each turn. One has to stop in Tasch, the town prior to Zermatt, and take a train the rest of the way In, as cars are not allowed in town. Our first impression of Zermatt was a little disappointing, as it is ... read more
On the road o Zermatt
Swiss Alps
Train to Zermatt

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Montreux September 16th 2018

Despite the church bells ringing every 15 minutes outside our window, we managed to have a good nights sleep. We were both up early to catch the sunrise over the mountain range, and to see Mont Blanc, which had been shrouded by clouds. It was very beautiful, and well worth the loss of a little sleep. Breakfast was interesting. There was a machine that prepared hard boiled eggs. Ray seemed to be the only one that could get it right. John had 1/2 an egg by the time he finished peeling it, Diane could drink hers, and mine was just passable. We did however manage to fill our tummies with all the remaining great offerings. After gassing up in the next town, at about $7.00 per gallon, we headed off towards Chamonix, France. The roadway Is ... read more
Sunrise in Chambloux, France
Road to Matigny

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Thun August 4th 2018

Die 8. Arbeitswoche und damit auch der zweite volle Monat in Bern sind am Freitag erfolgreich zu Ende gegangen. Während die Medien in Deutschland anscheinend meinen, sich im Herumheulen über den Sommer überbieten zu müssen, ist das hier kein Problem. Ok, es sind vielleicht über 30 Grad, aber wen stört das schon? Bei den Wegen zur und von der Arbeit ist das kein Problem und tagsüber im Büro auch nicht. Obwohl wir keine Klimaanlage haben. Vielleicht sollte der eine oder andere sich mal den Sommer in Kairo oder Südchina ansehen oder wie ich im Rekordsommer von 1994 bei der Bundeswehr die Grundausbildung machen. Dann weiß er, was wirklich heiß ist. Für heute habe ich mir eine Fahrt mit einem Ausflugsschiff von Thun nach Interlaken im Berner Oberland vorgenommen. Den Thuner See hat mir auch ein Motorradfahrer ... read more
Schloss Thun.
Blick von Schloss Thun.
Schloss Spiez.

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