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June 2nd 2012
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Here I am, in the alps of Switzerland, and let me tell you, we have been sold an image of the alps that doesn't do them justice. Things of how beautiful you've always thought they are and them multiply that by at least three and then you can begin to imagine just how much beauty these mountains hold.

I'm in Interlacken, a popular town sandwiched between two alpine lakes that run through town in a shade of the purest blue. And my toes can testify that these waters are cold! I'm staying in a tent city, not Arapaio's kind, but in a lot with six bunks to a rent, and yes for some reason the world sees fit to always put me on the top bunk! Luckily my cat like reflexes allow me to jump up and off these things with no amount of embarrassment, sometimes, or maybe never, not once.

This is an adventure stopover and there is much to do, but unfortunately I weigh too much to parasail off a mountain, so I think I wI'll instead find my contentment while hiking.

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