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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Verbier June 10th 2014

Switzerland is revered as the top European ski destination, with the city of Verbier as the focal point of skiers from across the globe. Breathtaking mountain landscapes with fresh powder dot Verbier, and the town is often filled with tourists looking to shred the world-class powder of the Swiss Alps. However, navigating your way through the crowds and finding lift passes, dining, the right accommodations, and other elements to make your ski vacation perfect, can be intimidating. That’s where booking agentscome in. Skiing the Swiss Alps The peaks of Verbier are some of the most beautiful in the world, and provide some of the best powder that you’ll ever get the chance to ski. However, it’s best to know exactly where to ski in Verbier depending on your skill level or even just your preferences (moguls ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Verbier April 26th 2009

well it's all nearly over and we're packing up as we speak. all the snow is pretty much gone, but we've still been up to a few things...... everywhere is having it's closing down partys. l'atelier, our favourite bar, has closed with a flurry of free shots and drunken behaviour. Apres ski closed with what was probably the soggyest party i've ever been to - we were completely soaked with beer and had to leave early as we couldn't stand the crush. Ski service who Descent hire their skis through had a a fancy dress mafia night which we all enjoyed - especially as all the booze was free!! Yesterday was the penultimate day on the slopes so they had a band and an interesting water pool that people had to try to get across on ... read more
verbier bubble
amanda with wine
amanda and me and a moose

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Verbier April 9th 2009

it's all melting VERY fast !! had to post some pictures as i'm sure some of you just won't believe where it's all gone !! check out the earlier photos to compare, but some of these are just days apart and the snow has melted back a few feet a day !! end of season is 25/26th April if we can make it until then .................. read more
our private slope
the dogs have more room
last week

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Verbier March 24th 2009

Hello, so we're on our own again having bid a fond farewell to all our visitors. Although Damo, Cathy, Jo and Ross might find it hard to believe after the 2 weeks of gloriously hot weather we've had it is now still snowing after putting down 5 inches of snow over night !!!! We'd started to forget what snow looked like and there's no walking around in a t-shirt. So what have we been up to ...... first off we went to the Geneva motor show and looked at a vast amount of cars. After 4 hours of looking at cars i was a bit exhausted though Tom and Phil seemed to be enjoying themselves. I'll post some piccies of a few - Chris and Christian will be very jealous as there were some very beautiful ... read more
cath snowboarding

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Verbier March 10th 2009

Ok so the count down is on ...... .... we'll be playing host to visitors by the end of the week. I'll blog again once they are gone and let you know what we all got up to. Hopefully they'll have all taken to the snow and done at least some sledging if not snowboarding !!! It's been absolutely bucketing down with snow here - the local council doesn't know what to do with it all, but the weather has been very overcats so we haven't got out much. So i've been out skiing again with Helen, Amanda and Gussy. It's getting to be great fun - i'm not the most controlled or stylish , but we went off down a black run and all over the place. I'm still not very good at getting off ... read more
amandas birthday
amandas birthday

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Verbier February 27th 2009

Hello, sorry for the delay in posting, but i had to take a week off to go home and see my Dad. Thank you for all the well wishes - he's at home now and doing well, even if the doctors did recommend 2 x 15min walks a day to recuperate!! (for those of you that don't get it he has to use a wheelchair to get around alot of the time so 15 min walks are out of the question - you'd think they might have noticed that in the hospital!!) it was my mums birthday while i was at home so i got to eat birthday cake and do some celebrating as well. anyway i'm back in Verbier and there's been a bit going on. Abi came to visit for a few days and ... read more
phil and fondue

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Verbier February 2nd 2009

hopefully this will work this time. F x x x x... read more
drag lift
phil and helen

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Verbier February 2nd 2009

Hello, so it's tropical weather here today +4 degrees !!! But i hear that you guys have lots of snow over in the Uk - you'll have to send me pictures of you building snowmen. So Charlotte and John arrived last Sunday. Their chalet was just round the corner from ours so it wasn't far to go down and visit them. We went for dinner with them for Charlottes birthday on the sunday and went out on the Wed night. We met them up on the mountain for lunch too. It was really nice having them here - we had a big night out on Sat which some people (John) were a bit worse for wear after. (see the photos) They were rather lucky as it snowed for about 4 days before they arrived. I'll post ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Verbier January 19th 2009

Hello all, So some of you - Charlotte and John - will be very pleased to know it's absolutely dumping it down with snow here. After a couple of false starts and the weather men changing their minds it finally started snowing yesterday afternoon and its still going. It doesn't look like it will stop today so we should have a good covering over what was getting a bit sparse. We managed a full day snowboarding on Saturday which was nice. Yesterday Phil was working but we went with him to Zermatt and i did a spot of shopping. There was a curling tournament on in town which was crazy. Zermatt is a nice place but cars aren't allowed and so you have to take the train up from a near by town which is a ... read more
zermatt - curling

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Verbier January 12th 2009

Unfortunately ( as the wicked witch of the West did when Dorothy threw the water over her ) the snow is doing a great job of melting. The weather has been glorious - beautiful blue skies and lots of sunshine - it was even +3 degrees the other day, but it's not much good for keeping the snow. It's not snowed since new year so we're in real need of a good dump. That said it's been nice for walking the dogs - all 3 of them, i'll post a picture of Samba. And ok for Phil driving around in his death trap van!! So I'll also post some pictures of something you thought you'd never see again - PHIL ON SKIS !!! yes Chris it is true and unfortunately he's really quite good still !! ... read more
Photo 2
phil on skis
dog walking 8

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