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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Sion July 31st 2017

Partly because mummy is keen on swimming in high (& cold) lakes, and partly because Pierre-Jean has an emotional connection to the area, we were driven up a windy hillside clad in grape vines and then a treacherous mountain pass (4 cars were washed from the road 2 days after we visited) with hand blasted cliffside tunnels to Lac de Derborence. The walk on the other side of the valley had whet daddy's imagination. You can see the path in the photos. Conquering this path could help me to become a mountain adventurer! The lake was very low and a thunderstorm threatened, so we just scampered around the lake edge (with one eye open for rattlesnakes) and then took a late lunch at the 'refuge'. A piano accordianist in the corner had me dancing and bringing ... read more
En route
Lac de Deborence
Walk around Lac de Deborence

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Sion July 23rd 2011

Yep, once again we awoke to the pitter-patter, splash-splash of rain on the tent. Of course, we were warm and dry inside. Knowing that we had only 40 or so kms. to go today, we waited for the weather to clear a bit (only a bit) and did not leave the campground until around noon. By then, the rain had slowed to a drizzle; shortly after we started out, the rain stopped, and we stayed dry the rest of the ride!!! With only a few moments of indecision about the route, we made it through the Rhone Valley to Sion and our Warm Showers host, Els, a physical therapis, born in the Netherlands, who is nursing a bad shoulder. She graciously welcomed us into her home, even provided a washing machine to get the grime out ... read more
Swiss Bicycle Signs

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Sion May 5th 2011

Before we start today, a note for one of our younger readers: please be advised that the blog is a record of the trip and locations and not about individual people and what they did on a day to day basis! Rising early Bree, Pam and I prepared to catch the train up to Zermatt and then the cable car to the top of the mountain to view the Matterhorn. After a 15 minute walk to the train station and paying the 39e return fares for the three of us it was off to Zermatt. Zermatt is a ski village for the rich and famous I suspect as it is expensive to get there and accommodation appears to be pricey as well. Paying the 225e for the three of us to get up the mountain was ... read more
Skiing Mt Breithorn
Matterhorn Glacier Paradise - Ice Cave
Matterhorn Glacier Paradise - Ice Carving

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Sion November 14th 2009

ändli is äsowit und ich cha minä erschtusch itrag machu! z judihui!!! dasch wirkli genial, ich hoffu jetz d lit chännä miär nachär comments schribu, susch bringt mär dä där blog nit gad äso selli vill. äbu ha jetz fasch z ganz material afa värchu, eifach d rächnigä und äso. z visum fehlt mär nu, abär hoffu öi das klappä nu irgend äswänn. hoffu scho dass alls güät chunt. will jaaa dä is eifach z ga alls wännt nit sichär bisch, ob alls in ornig isch. hittu gani übrigens ämabu uf agaru, wird mis einzig mal si wani cha fasnachtu ärläbu :) bi zwar nit gad där obär fan abär isch wirkli güät wänns würdi klappu! sodäli das is öi scho gsi. jetz värsüächi nu äs foto izfiägu fär z lüägu wa das nachär gschribus chunt ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Sion January 22nd 2008

Hi Everyone We have had the most amazing 8 days of blue skies and sunshine to ski in. Only one morning when it snowed - but that was a bonus top up for the slopes. Today is bleak - windy and snowy, so we are having the day off - most of us need to rest our weary muscles, so we dont mind. No photos for this entry - this computer doesnt allow access to the main tower, so I will have to add photos later. We had our best day of skiing yesterday - over at Verbier - a really sheltered valley bowl in full sunshine. Send photos next time. Bye for now from the Claxons... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Sion January 14th 2008

Hi everyone Took the train from Venice to Milan and then Milan to Sion. Bus to Haute Nendaz. Took all day but the views were worth it. First 2 days have been very good for skiing - yesterday was blue skies and sunshine, today was more overcast but still great conditions. Apartment is basic but comfortable and very accesible to the main cable car as well as the shops, pubs etc. We are realising now how unfit we are - huffing and puffing but getting fitter each day. Bye for now The Claxons... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Sion November 20th 2007

28 de febrero de 2004 English text below Hoy, mi tercer día en Suiza, lo voy a dedicar al cantón Valais, cantón también de habla francesa (al menos gran parte) a continuación del lago Lemán. En este cantón se encuentran alguna de las montañas más altas y con más personalidad de los Alpes, como el Monte Cervino o Matterhorn. Como no estoy preparado ni física ni materialmente para emprender alguna ascensión o trekkings y los trenecitos turísticos que te llevan por la montaña son muy caros, me conformo con visitar Sion, la capital del Valais. Sion se encuentra en el centro del cantón, vertebrado por el valle del alto Ródano, antes de desembocar en el lago Lemán (cantón Vaud). Es una ciudad pequeña con un centro pequeño medieval que está muy bien para dar un paseíto. ... read more
Catedral de Sion

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Sion October 19th 2007

Its time to leave Switzerland. besides the fact that my tourist permit had almost expired, I found out that I am becoming Swiss. I've started smiling and saying: "good morning" to people in the street . I DID!!. Yes, its time to move on. But first, let me start with a Hugh apology I leid to you, I have deceived you, I used my fame (I am still not over the googling my name thing yet) to mislead you. I am sorry. I am talking about the previous entry when i told you that people take their houses with them because its comfortable, easy, cheap etc... (not only that i am a famous writer now, I even write follow-ups... ) now listen, the fame thing (have you googled me yet?) is all over my head, I ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Sion October 14th 2007

An e-mail arrived in my inbox this week suggesting a trip to visit a mountain landslide with another PhD student in the weekend… “sounds good” It went on to say the circumstances of the trip will require us to use a helicopter for access.. “yeah, sure, that’s fine” (“ha ha.. sweet!!! how can I sleep for the rest of the week?!”) So on Friday I took the train down to Wallis and grabbed dinner and a few beers with Freddy (the PhD student). Then on Saturday we got up early, took a quick train up to Randa, wandered to an old carpark to meet the five others who were working on the slide that day…and watched them jump in a chopper with a Swiss pilot with a gun grey helmet that had “Victorinox” printed across the ... read more
Carefully measuring landslides at 3500m
ultimate Pimp My Ride

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Sion September 29th 2007

This entry is mainly for the Israelis among you. I have been asked so many questions about caravans, camper vans, mobile homes, camping etc... that I think I should explain a little about it. For the non Israelis here, it might seem a little weird but let me tell you a secret: we don't have caravans. or camper vans. sssssssshhhhhhhh don't tell anyone.. but Camping for us is mostly when we go backpacking somewhere. Hardly happens in Israel. SO - non Israelis - you are excused from this entry, see you in the next one (but if you want to stay and learn something... you are more then welcome!!) Lets start with the obvious questions: what are campers, caravans, mobile homes etc all of those are houses with wheels. But there are differences between them: * ... read more
jumping from sleeping to driving
a real kitchen

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