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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Mürren November 6th 2014

It's a long time ago since our last blog. Sorry for that! One reason is that we did not do much beside working this year. Our jobs have been keeping us quite busy. The other reason is that it was a very bad summer in Switzerland with a lot of cold and rainy days. So, the weather was not really inviting for nice mountain tours. If there was a nice period during the week, for sure, on our days off the weather turned to bad and it was raining again. Anyway we managed to do 2 really nice walks which we want to share with you. Hike from Leukerbad via Gemmipass to Kandersteg This is a very famous and easy walk - one of these classic hikes in Switzerland. It connects the region of Valais with ... read more
window of an old cottage in Mürren
Daubensee seen from the Gemmipass
view from the Schilthorn

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Mürren September 17th 2012

The Rick Steves' group left this morning so it appeared that we were the only ones at the Hotel..... It was just the Wong party. After breakfast, we headed out to do First Flyer zip. We went to First by way of Murren-Grutschalp-Lauterbrunnen-Zweilutschinen-Grindewald-Bort-Schreckfeld-First. We were going to do the Lake hike near First but was afraid that we were going to run out of time and sunlight. Plus, I wasn't really feeling that well after the cable car ride. So we decided that we would just do the First Flyer. All five of us zipped down 500 meters at 80 kmph. We essentially zipped from First to Schreckfeld. It was quite fun! After the zip, we hiked down from Schreckfeld to Bort. It was all very steep down hill. My knees are very week and my ... read more
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Mürren September 16th 2012

We woke up around 7:30 and decided to meet up at 8:00 for breakfast downstairs. There was a buffet and I had some eggs, bacon and bread with some really really good nutella spread! After breakfast, we decided to head out on a short hike for start. We took the Allmendhubelbahn funicular up to some view points of the Alps. It wasn't quite as high as Jungfrau, but just as spectacular. After reaching the top, we decided to hike back down to town. There was supposed to be an easy "North Face" trail that lead back down to Murren. We found it, then lost it, but ended up just following signs for Murren to reach back down to town. It took about 2.5 miles but had some cool views. We saw lots of cows grazing in ... read more
Cow grazing in the alps
Resting after our morning hike
Shilthorn mountain ridge

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Mürren July 22nd 2012

The first day in Switzerland we decided to delay what is supossed to be the highlght of the trip, an excursion to the top of the Jungfrau, until tomorrow in hopes of better weather. Today the weather is cloudy with occasional sprinkles. But its great hiking weather even without the views. So after breakfast we rounded up some picnic supplies (we actually planned ahead and purchased everything we needed, except some cheese, down in the valley the night before) and headed up to Allmenburhl for a couple of hour hike back down to Murren which was mostly downhill. While in Murren it actually started to rain, so we curtailed our sightseeing and popped into a fancy little hotel for a warm drink and some dessert. We had a greaticnic lunch on the mountain but no dessert. ... read more
Making an inquiry with farmers wife about cheese acquisition.
Not sure why this excited Elizabeth so much.
Youth Hostel were I stayed 35 years ago!

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Mürren February 9th 2012

So I've nearly been here a week and am still taken aback at the scenery, I'm also slowly getting used to all the drinks here, they have alcohol with everything, tea, coffee and hot chocolate, though you need it when it's averaging -20 during the day! I have been up the mountain to Murren a couple of times now, it takes an hour if you walk it, which is great exercise, but the best thing is that you get to sled all the way down. Last night I went up to Murren with Heidi and Sabina for a few drinks, alcohol is very expensive in this country! The highlight of the night though was sledding down, the moon was virtually full, it was a really bright and clear night, it was amazing. Today was my first ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Mürren June 15th 2011

Today was supposed to be as fine as we could expect for a few days and if we were to go to the Schilthorn, then this was the day to do it. We caught the train to Lauterbrunnen and walked up the valley for an hour or so to Stechelberg. It was a very warm 28 degrees and we were happy to find a shady place for a picnic lunch. On arriving at the Schilthornbahn (cable car that carries 100+ people) we heard that the Schilthorn was in the cloud which isn’t surprising since it is 3000m high. There is no point in visiting the tops of peaks if you arrive in cloud especially if you have paid for the journey. The Swiss Pass covers us to Murren but not up the Schilthorn so we gave ... read more
Murren above Lauterbrunnen Valley
A cow shelter

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Mürren August 8th 2010

We woke up feeling extra ambition and decided it was high time we dangled ourselves off one of the fine cliffs we had been ooh-ing and ahh-ing. So we set off to Murren, one gondola ride up from our town, Gimmelwald, to get mountain wear: harnesses and helmets. With no signs marking the trail we wandered the streets of Murren until we ran into our auberge neighbours going the same way. We started out together, but only one of the three in that party made it through. We, on the other hand, were two for two. So we started out with some gorgeous views, some seriously steep rolling drop offs, but nothing we couldn't handle. A few iron rod steps, a serious respect for the sheer size and height of the mountains, and we were on ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Mürren August 3rd 2010

So we left the best breakfast buffet in Milano 5 minutes after it opened so we could catch our train to Switzerland. On the up side, we stuffed our faces, and our packs, before we left!! We traveled in, and arrived to, rain. We got ourselves some ambitious mountain passes to see the Swiss alps and headed up the mountain to our auberge. It took a train, a bus, and a gondola to get to the town of Gimmewald...then there was a cute 5 min "path" to the was more like a decent ski hill of stairs with 30lb bags on our backs. We were more than happy to leave our backpacks in our room and head off to explore the area! Our host sent us off on an "introductory trail" through the valley along ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Mürren August 2nd 2009

Switzerland is a small country in terms of size but it packs in a lot of natural beauty in that small size. Go anywhere in Switzerland and you will find picturesque landscape. As a tourist, you cannot go wrong in Switzerland irrespective of where you decide to go. This is what I had read in travel forums and one or two guide books that I could lay my hands on. Lake Lucerne area, Bernese Oberland region and the Swiss Riviera towns of Lake Geneva sounded like good bets for a first trip to Switzerland. I stayed for 3 nights in Lucerne, 4 nights in Murren, a village in the Alps and just a couple of nights near Lake Geneva. After soaking in the scenic views of the landscape around Lake Lucerne, I headed towards the Bernese ... read more
Golden Pass panoramic train
Chalets, a lake and hills

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Mürren May 31st 2008

Left Avignon early and had stopovers in Geneva (meh) and Bern (liked it) on the way to Gimmelwald. Sensational, the pictures dont do it justice. Hiked with some Canadians up into the clouds until the snow was too much to keep going, weather no good for the Jungfrau train or Schilthorn gondola. I was wetter inside my poncho from sweating than I was on the outide from the snow and rain. After getting back to the hostel had a relax in the hottub looking at the mountains. Weather was better the following day (just looked out the window from bed and could see the top of the Jungfrau) so took the train up there, checked things, walked on the glacier, etc. Wasnt too bad so ended up doing it in tshirt and shorts. Back down to ... read more

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