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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne August 18th 2007

hello all, wow it's been a few weeks since ive done one of these and what an insane few weeks its been after i last sent out a group email ive been all over the place!!!! first off was barcelona which was AMAZING.... its such a chilled out place and the weather was amazing... I spent a lot of my time just walking around and having fun at the beach which by the way, so far, european beaches, or spanish beaches, have NOTHING on the beachs back in australia, the sand was really dirty, it left a brown stain on the back of my board shorts.. awkward... and in the ocean it was all peebly and not so nice..... but still it was nice to be at the beach!!!! i so desperately wanted to go to ... read more
sacre coure
arch di triomphe

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne July 16th 2007

This from my journal while riding the train from Montreux to Luzerne: "Switzerland is the kind of country I would have invented if it didn't already exist." It's Disney-esque. It's Heidi-esque. It's even a bit Python-esque I realized when I noticed that some of my fellow travelers were dressed in suits but wear hiking boots and have ski poles sticking out of their rucksacks. I want to know where they work. Don't like mountains and lakes? Then move here for the progressive attitude. Take the car sharing system, for example. If you need one, just come pick one up. If it's below a third of a tank, top it off if you have a chance. Oh, and try to leave it tidy for the next fellow. But of course we don't really need to tell you ... read more
tatoo you
Big Chess

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne July 15th 2007

July 10, 2007 Yesterday we took the Gatwick express to head to Geneva to visit Beth and Brian. Beth picked us up from the airport. They had been in France for a bike race that Brian was doing so we picked up Isabella the dog from the Kennel and then Sara their daughter of about 1 ½ from day care/school. The day care/school looked like a little Swiss chalet. They live in a beautiful part of Lausanne. Their four level place has an amazing view of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva). Brian cooked a beautiful duck dinner with crispy leeks and potatoes with orange curry sauce. We drand some local wind and some Croatian wine and then played a Utopia like board game. Today we got in the car and Brian, Beth, Sara, Jon and I ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne July 3rd 2007

We enjoyed our visit with our friends, sharing our new home...letting the girls play. We had a 3rd birthday party for Bella with her "cousins" and her aunt Suzie and Uncle Bruce. It was very special, and really helped us settle into our new community. We took a lake cruise around Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) and visited the ancient castle: Chateau de Chillion....It was interesting as it was built in the same period as our apartment, so it had the same stained glass as our house. Yikes!... read more
Anna and Abby in Lausanne
cruise of Lac Leman
Chateau de Chillion

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne June 24th 2007

Writing this from a haze of sleep. Our weekend was terrific...on Saturday we cycled to the airport, then took the train to Lausanne and cycled 70 km in delightful weather to Yverdon Les Bains (not really lesbians, but that's what we call it :-)) It was a lovely ride, starting along Lake Geneva, up and down hills and dales, through fields of barley and sunflowers, past train stations and factories, detouring for a run on a BMX track under a freeway, then racing along some lovely single-trail in the forest, , ending up at the lovely castle town of Yverdon Lesbians. The entire town was flat except for one hill, and our hotel was at the top of it, which was bad news and nearly killed me. But it was glorious and sunny and we were ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne June 22nd 2007

Well,....all the months of planning, stress and worry are over. We have successfully sold our home, our cars, our furniture and pretty much everything but our children and our clothes. We have exchanged our spacious Texas home , for a cozy rented 3rd story flat in the historic center of Lausanne, Switzerland (complete with 49 steps and no elevator). We now rely on public transportation and our feet (we are all becoming quite fit!). I, the momma, am trying my hand at stay-at-home parenting. This is a necessity at present, as it is a full time job trekking to the grocery store and deciphering the food choices in French! Yikes! Nate is now settled into his new position at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnic Federale Lausanne) as a researcher working on brain mapping. Our goal is to live ... read more
Nic and girls: Lausanne
Swiss phone booth
Bella on Lac Leman

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne June 2nd 2007

Decide to stay another night at bike hostel since the washrooms are cleaner and the staff cheerier than any of this blog's readers. ... read more
Lausanne Rest Day
Lausanne Lunch
Vallee du Flon (urban renewal)

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne June 1st 2007

No bags (no bikes shoes!) plus rain puts Andrew and Ray on train to Lausanne (after visit to Geneva airport to advise of their departure for Lausanne). Cell phone useful to call airport several times throughout the day for recorded message that Ray's bags have not arrived. Dinner at elegant old high ceiling oil paintings train station restaurant in Lausanne. Beef tongue, local cold meats and Dole du Valais (Swiss wine). A and R decide if bags not there by following day to travel by train to Zurich to spend a few days shopping for replacement bike bags etc. On return to bike hostel Ray receives their first call on cell phone. Expecting news from British Airways, gets British mother-in-law instead. (Ray hides any theortetical disappointment). They discuss the apartment reservation made by Ray and ... read more
Bike acrobat to emulate
Day 1 Train Day
View from Lausanne bike hostel

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne May 17th 2007

After a month on the road on mainly flat or undulating roads, we turned with some trepidation towards the Jura ranges, on the border of the French Comte region and Switzerland, finding our hill legs at last. With visions of having to walk for 3 days, pushing our bikes, or perhaps off loading excess baggage down the side of a mountain, we commenced the climb. We rode the D437 to Pontarlier, stopping to free camp in a pine forest where we spent the night listening to cows bells, the deep resonance making it sound as if we were across the road from a Buddhist monastery. The enjoyment of riding the stunning road through the limestone gorge after Morteau was only slightly dampened by the pelting rain (unlike our kit, which was thoroughly saturated!). In Pontarlier we ... read more
Fighting fit 77 year old who led us through Montbeliard
home for the night (across the road from the cow monastery)
yet another flat tyre - will we make it to Lausanne tonight?

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne May 10th 2007

Jaipur, IndeSur ce blog je n'écrirai rien du tout, je l'envois simplement pour les photos et les vidéos. Je me reprendrai avec le blog sur l'Europe dans environ 5 jours! En passant de retour à Montréal le 16 Mai donc dans 6 jours, j'ai hâte de vous revoir! Martin... read more
Jaisalmer, Inde
Jaisalmer, Inde
Jaisalmer, Inde

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