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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne July 28th 2019

Not the first time on the Eurostar from St Pancras, but the first embarking on an adventure on the train across Europe to Italy. One that we were both looking forward to - not the same as getting on a cruise ship, where your bag can be totally unpacked and you appear in different ports overnight. This was going to be different. Armed with our ‘Inter-railing’ ticket, we boarded the Eurostar heading for our first brief stop in Paris. Arriving at the Gare du Nord, we caught the RER to Gare de Lyon ready for the next journey. There was around a two hour stop, which gave us time for lunch at Fosca (just outside the station). The food was very good and I would recommend it - we had booked using the trip-advisor links but ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne July 29th 2017

We fly from Berlin to Geneva on Easy Jet. We rent a car with GPS and make a short stop in Geneva. Switzerland has four different official languages. Lausanne is French speaking so we have fun saying bonjour and merci. We walk around the old town and stroll along the lake. We find prices for food and drink are really expensive. I paid $8.50 for tea at Starbucks, we plan to pack lunches and cook diners at our Airbnb. We bought lunch at the grocery store and eat outside with a view of Lake Geneva. We love the house we have rented in Lausanne, it has three bedrooms and all the rooms have a view of the lake. We walk around the old town after shopping and eating dinner. Our second day we drive 35 minutes ... read more
Chateau de Chillon
Free water fountains everywhere
Chateau de Chillon

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne July 12th 2014

Getting there is half the fun Every other July I take 10 students to Switzerland where they spend a month taking courses from me and a few other professors. I realize this makes no sense. Why not skip the going to Switzerland part? Call it a holistic approach to education. For many of them it's their first time travelling abroad. It's a pleasure for me to watch them have those Dorothy moments discovering that there are places not like home. This year I purposefully booked a flight to Geneva that would match the itinerary of a large number of my students. I was a little surprised not to see any of them waiting at the gate in San Francisco. When they didn't show up in Toronto or Montreal my surprise turned to concern. Maybe they would ... read more
Lausanne Panorama
Street Theater
Punch and Judy

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne August 15th 2013

Despite being exhausted and at least 2 inches shorter due to wear and tear from walking so much, I felt I had one last trip in me… one more train journey. So I headed out to Luzern, only 40 minutes from Zurich but a world away as far as atmosphere and beauty go. The train station has to have the best view on exit of anywhere I have been (including Venice) as you have a fabulous arch and then the lake in all its glory. There are numerous boats plying for the trade of tourists and I chose a sleek sightseeing yacht which had a huge deck with white leather seats and lots of room to move around to see from all angles. The trip lasted an hour and was great value given that is went ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne July 19th 2013

Yesterday we travelled vis train from rainy Torino to Milano Centrale to Lausanne. Just a word of warning, buy snacks and food before yiu get in the train, it is very expensive and not many options for choice. We paid CHF 11 for an expresso with creama and a dreadful sandwich which we had to take out the salmi which was then bread and butter. anyway, as Dale said move on.... But when we got to Lausanne and the very clean station, our hitel was right across the road, just needed to get to the right side first, which we finally did. The Hotel Contintentsal was so welcoming with the informative and warm reception staff Pascal, he shiwed us in the map the bestplaces to go and great advice. so after settling into our rooms across ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne June 14th 2013

We took an early bus to Geneva, and it was mutually agreed that Luda would stay in Geneva and I’d go to Lausanne where my total stay was a little bit longer than one and a half hour, or two hours at best. I was rather exhausted by this time and did not want more sights, but simply get home and rest a bit. The price of the train ticket was crazy, but it can be afforded once in a year. The bus to Minsk would depart at 16.00 from Geneva Gare Routiere. Luda constantly repeated how much she liked Chamonix and the Evian Water! I am just now thinking that, if there were a couple of thousand spare Euros in my pocket, I’d still be there, climb Mont-Blanc (say, from June 15 to June 19), ... read more
Hotel des Postes
Swiss Reformed Church of Saint-François

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne December 5th 2012

2.30 am Wake up and quickly get all bags down stairs, waiting for the arrival of the taxi driver the excitement was building! Then what could of been disaster struck, the taxi turned up and was no bigger thAn a normal estate car. We managed to squeeze all bags in, and myself and Simon. A quick nap and we where soon slurping coffee at terminal 5 Heathrow! So everntually we saw the plane that would be takIng us to our new home in Switzerland for the winter! Constantly checkifor wether we had left anything behind we boarded the plane. Zzzzzzz I was asleep benforce take off! And only woke up as the air hostess came over the speaker saying we where soon to land! Our bags where quick, but unfortunately still very heavy! My hands hurt ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne August 12th 2012

All good things must come to an end, our epic extended honeymoon included. Hence, it is with a heavy heart we have to tell that this will be our concluding blog entry, with which we will bid our farewells. We have been back to Europe now for about two months, having had some time to reflect our life on the road. Now thinking retrospectively, our last nine months, a month in Finland included, feel almost surreal. While we were on the road, time seemed to fly by, but now that we have had some time to digest our experiences in a familiar environment, it is slowly dawning on us what have we done and achieved during our grand voyage. Here's some fundamental questions we have been chewing. Was it worth it? Did it bring about any ... read more
Soon to be sacrified
On the Road
At the Edge of the World

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne July 19th 2012

I stocked my kitchen, did the laundry, cleaned the apartment, and made the beds. Everything was ready for Nancy’s arrival the next day. I could wander down to the Summer University’s annual lakeside picnic without any worries. Chi and the twins would be there, having just arrived from a week in Denmark. As soon as I arrived, the Bacchanale began. A warm beer was thrust into my hand and I was hoisted onto a tight rope. Things got hazy from there. I suppose I only need to look at the photos my students are probably posting to piece things together. Maybe one of those photos will reveal the moment I parted company with my iPhone. Nancy and I were greatly relieved to see each other at the airport the following day. She was (and has been) ... read more
Lauterbrunnen Valley
Dinner at Rene's

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne July 8th 2012

In the Abode of Devils "Emotions don't feel very important when you're struggling against an awesome wilderness. A mountaineer leaves his friend trapped at the bottom of a crevasse without tears, guilt, or regret. Out here the indifference of nature to the life of a man is palpable, understood, part of the bargain the mountaineer makes each time he sets off for the mountains." I nervously glanced around for crevasses as I nodded consent to Rene's observation. On several occasions I too have been struck by a profound sense of insignificance while hiking in the Alps, no less so than today. Rene is a poet, playwright, actor, and director. He's also an English professor and a vice dean at UNIL (University of Lausanne). After graduating from Hollywood High, he and his pal (also my pal,) S ... read more
Among 20 snow capped mountains...
Rene & Katherine

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