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June 5th 2012
Published: June 5th 2012
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Day 24

We are now in our next European country - Switzerland.

We left the hotel in Lyon and went tthe huge park on the outskirts of the CBD called Parc de la tete d'or. Great spot once you find where to park. We got a baguette each and walked the park and rose gardens and then sat by the lake and ate our lunch. Very pleasant to sit and watch the wild life, etc. lots of office workers running, must be their version of the tan....

Left there and direct to Switzerland. Motorways are fantastic over here. There was in part where they had roadworks which meant one side of the road was not being used, speed down to 70kmh and single file. Quite a few tunnels which varied from say 500 meters to 5 km long. Then there were viaducts like the one near Wollongong which float over the valleys. Only issue is that they don't sit on the speed limit so I ws holding up a queue of cars and trucks (we were happy to be going slowly to get the vies) so stopped and let them past so we could do our sightseeing.

Got to the border and went into the queue to get a vignette for the motorway tolls. A bit confusing but eventually got the correct lane and past over the cash, sticker on the windscreen and off - no passport checks, stamps or where are you from.....

Did we one line of cars being checked (searched I would say) so not too sure why.

Into Geneva for a quick look. Tried to park but no luck, and no cash for meters so just went in circles for a while then back to the motorway towards Lusanne. Only issue with motorways here is speed is only 120kmh........

Turn off to go to the edge of lake Geneva for a look. Turn down some random road and end up on the lake edge by a swimming area. Lots of people sun baking, swimming and generally getting their kit off. Great place for a view of the lake and mountains and a drink.

Arrive in Lausanne and find our hotel. Interesting place - room is tiny but seems clean, it is a pub, staurant and rooms above (with our own bathroom).

Go into the centre of town and then drive around a bit until we find ourselves at the CIO (Comite Interntionale Olympic) where they announce who will host the next Olympics.

Right on lake Geneva so we do a walk along the banks - people everywhere doing BBQ's,running, rowing, roller blading, etc. very pretty with the mountains in the background (many snow capped).

Walk through a camp ground next to the CIO offices and find a restaurant right on the waters edge so have tea there. Nice setting except for the fluffy stuff coming from the trees along the banks.

Back to our hotel and on the net for blogs, email, etc. then to bed. Not too sure about tomorrow - weather looking bad for mountain visit so maybe somewhere else like Lucerne maybe - too many decisions.......


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