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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lake Geneva September 7th 2016

07/09/16 – woensdag – dag 4 Morges: Tweede dagtrip in de omgeving van het Meer van Genève. Mooi weer, minder wind. 33km. Korter dan gisteren, en het gemiddelde zakt al naar 16km/u. Wel hellingen stijgend van niveau 370m naar 570m. Peddelend langs verkeersluwe wegen door verschillende kleine wijndorpjes: Chigny, Vufflens-le-Château, Denens, Villars-sous-Yens, Lavigny, Aubonne, Mont-sur-Rolle, Perroy, en dan langs het meer terug, Perroy, Allaman, Buchillon, St-Prex. Plaatsjes waar we nog nooit van gehoord hadden. Uitgebreide tussenstop en lekkere lunch in St-Prex, waar we genoten van de plaatselijke specialiteiten van het Meer van Genève: filets de perches, tarte aux poires, en ons eerste wit lokaal wijntje. Meteen geconfronteerd met de veel hogere Zwitserse prijzen. En dan wou onze exuberante ... read more
Aubonne - bevlagd
Aubonne - zicht op het Meer van Genève

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lake Geneva September 6th 2016

06/09/16 – dinsdag – dag 3 Morges – Eerst dagtrip. De route 55km, liep een stuk over de 'Route Pied du Jura'. Door de wijnberggebieden van La Côte en de hellingen langszij het Meer van Genève. Pittige stroken en straffe wind, die altijd op kop leek te zitten. We deden een tussenstop in Montricher waar we de kaasmakerij 'La fromagerie gourmande' bezochten. Tonnen reusachtige Gruyèrekazen lagen er te rijpen in ideaal gekoelde en gerobotiseerde opslagruimten. Dagelijks wordt de voorraad aangevuld met nieuwe fabricage. Alles is kraaknet, winkels, degustaties en restaurant incluis. Op het menu: kaas, op allerlei wijzen. Door de pittige hellingen, de wind, en een gemiddelde van 17km/u werd deze eerste dagrit rit bij de evaluatie achteraf door een deel van de senioren als 'juist genoeg' betiteld. Te verstaan als 'het mag wat minder'. Voor ... read more
Montricher - De Gruyères kazen rijpen hier.
Montricher - kaasrestaurant.
Montricher - kaasgerechten

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lake Geneva September 5th 2016

05/09/16 – maandag – dag 2 Morges – Korte fietsrit van 35km, verkenning van de omgeving, langs het meer, met tussenstop in Rolle. Mooi stadje met historisch kasteel vlak aan het meer. Spijtig, door de regen valt de rit zowat letterlijk in het water. De regenjakjes doen al dienst.... read more
Rolle - Kasteel
Rolle - zo wordt men niet nat.

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lake Geneva September 4th 2016

04/09/16 – zondag – dag 1 Morges – Ch – Meer van Genève - 664km Aankomst op mooie Cp aan het Meer van Genève met zicht op de Mont Blanc. 's Avonds welkomstdrink en kennismaking met de groep. 12 dappere opa’s en oma’s, bompa’s en bomma’s, bonnie's en vava’s, pépé's en mémé's, die onder de kundige begeleiding van Patrick en Carine, met de fiets, de bergen rond enkele Zwitserse meren gaan trotseren. Met de E-Bike, elektrisch dus, dat was de voorwaarde, behalve Rudy, een messcherpe sportieve opa, die alles bij wijze van training, op zijn gewone mountainbike gaat afhaspelen. Hoed af.... read more
Staanplaats - Morges Cp a/d jachthaven
opa’s en oma’s, bompa’s en bomma’s, bonnie's en vava’s, pépé's en mémé's

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lake Geneva February 27th 2016

Last weekend, some of my best friends from college came all the way to Europe for a long weekend! I met them in Geneva, and we spent time in Switzerland and France, around the lake. On the Friday, they got into Geneva at 7am and did touristy things there all day despite being sleep deprived. When I eventually found them in the train station at 7pm (note: there is not a metro in Geneva—there are trains and buses. Don’t waste your time wandering the airport for the metro line; even if the city transport map makes it seem like it exists, it doesn’t), we were ready to go to our hotel, which was in the French town of Evian les Bains. We took a city bus to the French town of Annemasse, and promptly missed our ... read more
In Evian les Bains
Snow-Covered Alps Across Lake Geneva
At the Ferry Gate in Evian les Bains

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lake Geneva July 13th 2011

Sorry for not having posted anything for a wee while. We're still alive and kicking! This from Geneva, where we're staying with Chris & Douglas Crawford-Swan (and Callum & Ailsa). We have just 8 days left of our central European adventure before heading to the UK. Katrina & Jackson don't know it yet but tomorrow is Bastille Day in France and we're thinking of zooming up the Autoroute to Chartres & Paris for the weekend, before heading back to Basel. I'll fill in details later but since my last post we've spent time in Lugano (Ticino region of Switzerland; meeting up with Mary, Peter & Emily Hart), then down into Italy (Verona, Vicenza, Venice, Bologna, Florence), before spending a very welcome 1-week break in a fabulous Tuscan villa NE of Sienna (check out "Casa Kiwi" on ... read more
Tuscany villa

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lake Geneva October 23rd 2009

A little background for how I ended up in Switzerland picking grapes: One sunny afternoon at CanDo4Kids back in Adelaide my CEO, Paul, asked me where I’d be at the end of September. To my reply of “floating around somewhere in Europe” he said “How would you like to do some paid work in one of the most beautiful places in the world?” As it turns out Paul’s partner’s sister and her Swiss husband manage a winery out of St Saphorin (not far from Vevey) on Lake Geneva. A couple of emails later it was all teed up for the last weekend of September/start of October. I actually arrived a day earlier than most of the pickers and spent the afternoon exploring Vevey. The accommodation provided was a simple dorm bed on the third floor of ... read more
The Chateau
Such tasty grapes
Elly & my dorm room

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lake Geneva October 15th 2009

From Freiburg to Morges, a beautiful train ride highlighted by endless fields of grapes all in the process of being harvested and the gorgeous Lake Geneva with a backdrop of the pre-Alps and Monte Blanc. We met Jackie at the train station which was by far the easiest meet and greet we encountered on the trip thus far. That night we had a lovely French Swiss dinner with the our hosts, Jackie, Sylain, and adorable Marina. About 8 cheeses to choose from and a traditional hash brown like potato fritter, salad and of course some great Swiss wine. Delicious! We learned an interesting fact, that 98 percent of Swiss wine is never leaves the country. The following day we took a walk along Lake Geneva and explored the village of Morges. The weather was quite chilly ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lake Geneva September 23rd 2008

Aware that you all may be fed-up of receiving these emails now and bored of my holiday snaps (as if you could ever be!), I’ll keep this one brief. I went to Geneva for the weekend, hired a cheap car, got upgraded to a 4x4 for free, so was happy about that. Stayed with some friends in Geneva, didn’t see the city, went mountain walking (climbing more like) in France, Portes du Soleil area and also went to Yvoires on the shores of Lake Geneva. It was beautiful/pretty/spectacular/French/Swiss/Apline/Heidi/chocolatey all at the same time. Oh and I flew from City airport for the first time which is fun as I could see my house when I landed. There, that wasn’t so painful, wait until next month when I go back to China, then I might get a ... read more
Prettiness in Abondance
Another one to add to my list

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lake Geneva September 9th 2008

So, I arrived in Geneva last Saturday morning after a routine flight. Easyjet actually was pretty good, with the same setup as Southwest with people paying more loading first and working through 3 other lines with the biggest discounts seating least (no prebooked seats at all). I got an aisle seat with a swiss girl by the window who was friendly and nobody in the middle. I had arranged a small car by priceline from Geneva Airport, and got a 1.4 Fiat Punto which was been more than sufficient for getting around the mountains etc. I took my time driving to Torgon, which involved driving around the north and east sides of Lake Geneva, then up a VERY STEEP mountain road with countless switchbacks up to the timeshare (it was 11 miles on the mountain road ... read more
view from hotel in Dam
clock tower, Dam
Hostel room at the Bulldog

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