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June 13th 2014
Published: June 18th 2014
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Green Valley to Istanbul

Frankfurt , Switzerland, North Italy Border

Our flight left on time from Vancouver and arrived early in Frankfurt Germany. We grabbed our luggage, hailed a taxi and headed for the camper rental place. We were early but they seemed not to be concerned. “Everything is organized well here and we are ready for you.” Hmmmmm! After signing multiple forms, paying out more $$$, having interesting discussions about why our Insurance had not been OK’d, the camping gear we ordered was not in the camper we began to doubt the “well organized” part but finally got on our way….4 hours later. With somewhat vague directions we found a grocery store and after using Galaxy’s (our smart phone’s name) translator APP 15 times we found enough food to eat and some basic supplies.

Off to the campground (CG)…we thought.

It was that well organized part getting in our way again. We were lost and getting worse as the temperatures went beyond 92F, humidity reached 80%!a(MISSING)nd our patience wore out. Finally we tried our GPS (her name is quickie) and she came through with a recommendation that led us to the CG we had been hunting for. Tired, hungry, sweaty….we showered and headed for beer and wurst at the CG restaurant and bar…..yep almost all CG’s in Europe have them.

To bed early and off to Switzerland and hopefully Northern Italy. The Autobahns are everything you have heard of for smooth driving at the speed of sound. Our camper does not drive at the speed of sound (barely the speed of speech) but everyone in Beemers, Mercedes, Alphas, Fords and Peugeot’s do. We never actually saw them coming behind us but rather heard the woosh and roar as they flew by. Ah well, life in the slow lane is just slow.

Arriving in Switzerland was wonderful as we climbed through the Alps and some very picturesque villages. We found a CG on a lovely lake, met 2 nice German teachers, shared some beer and stories and went to bed exhausted. Mike dreamed of flying an F15 down the highway at the real speed of sound…..waving at the Beemers as he went by. The next morning we crossed the border at Lugano when our GPS's (both of them went a bit beserk! .....see next blog on GPS

The photos are just lovely. The speed of sound was a partial introduction to driving in Italy for the next week plus. Heart palpitations, wide eyes filled with fear and lots you " you dummy" statements make the Italian driving exciting and challenging and exhausting.....mostly the latter. More on this later

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18th June 2014

Furka Pass and Andermat, Switzerland
Cheryl and I flew the Beemer (R1100GS) to Frankfurt and rode to Barcelona. Your blog brings back the memories. I was glad to get off the autobahn and into the mountains. Great trip and wonderful memories.
18th June 2014

Wish you were here
Ha! Sounds idyllic. Lots of adrenaline, adventure, and beautiful places. We're off on our own adventure to lovely Gary, Indiana...or thereabouts. Good luck.
18th June 2014

Love the descriptions and pictures! Be safe. Love Mary
19th June 2014

Hey Dummy
I like your camper. I might stand to only 8/10ths of my height, tho. Which is better--Arizona tailgaters or Wop fist wavers? Easy on the wurst!

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