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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Gryon July 16th 2009

Gryon. We had an early train booked (yet again) and due to the timing and the fact it the station we needed to go to wasn’t walking distance we were forced to catch a cab to the station and yet again ripped off an obscene amount of money for a 5 minute cab ride. (I hate taxis, don’t like them at home and really don’t like them in Europe so far). All settled in at the station we find our train has been delayed by 30 minutes, that’s okay still time to connect in Milan.....then 30 minutes turned into 75 minutes and ohh shit, we won’t make the Milan connection. Some quick investigation and paying an upgrade we were on the main train station (yeah, that would have been the one we could have walked to ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Gryon November 12th 2008

So this weekend I decided last minute to go to Gryon, Switzerland instead of Belgium. I stayed in the "Chalet Martin" a Swiss alps retreat hostel. It felt more like a home than a hostel, with comfy beds, a nice kitchen, and a large sun room with couches. I met some interesting people, including a guy named Pinky who's hobby was cooking various types of meat. I witnessed rabbit, and pigeon, thankfully I left before he moved on to boars head. Both the days I was there I hiked, and got some stunning views of the alps. Gryon was much more relaxed and laid back than Interlaken. Here are some of the photos I took... When I got to the top of "La Croix" I found... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Gryon February 18th 2008

A few pictures from our favorite pub in Luxembourg, to the locals called Le Cafe Notre, but to us, Das Boot! So the Swiss Alps was the most beautiful place I have ever been! I had fun skiing too! Unfortunately, I didnt take my camera skiing so I didnt get the best photos.... read more
the boot goes disco and the swiss alps 006
the boot goes disco and the swiss alps 011
the boot goes disco and the swiss alps 012

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Gryon June 25th 2007

Riccolaaaaaaaaaaaa Europe » Switzerland » Gryon By Asil June 25th 2007 Lisa Bontomase Gryon Population - 1,000 Location - High up in the Swiss Alps Length of stay - 5 nights Purpose of being there - To relax at our midway point through our trip The small town in Gryon probably has one of the best hostels in all of Europe. Its so well liked by backpackers that many people end up staying for unknown lengths of time. Because of the many regulars at the hostel I found it to be a little cliquey but it was still by far the nicest hostel we have stayed at. We werent totally lazy in Gryon. We did do a wine tasting thing the hostel offered, went on a hike ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Gryon June 22nd 2007

Ah, finally out of italy, and finally finding cheap internet in austria! GRYON, SWITZERLAND: Lisa and I headed to Gryon after the interlaken-skydiving adventure. We stayed at the Chalet Martin, a wonderful hostel full of many people from all over the world. Gryon is a tiny village in the Swiss Alps (close to Bex), with population 1000...i know...makes pulaski look huge. And, the average age of the town's inhabitants is a quiet village it is. We spent 5 nights here to relax.....sort of like a vacation from our vacation. The evening we got in, we headed to the grocery store for supplies,...finally a hostel with a kitchen! Now, switzerland is outrageously expensive...but because we could cook all of our meals, we saved loads of money. The hostel offers a wine tasting event every saturday ... read more

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