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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva September 6th 2014

Our plan to get to Geneva worked really well. We scootered down to the Vatim Commercial area which is supposed to be 800m from the campsite but it would have been a very long 800m on foot and even longer up the steep hill back, if we’d been on foot. Discovered that Vatim, as well as being a big shiny new shopping mall is also a water theme park – which looked absolutely fantastic and it was heaving when we returned later in the afternoon. We parked Kisbee scooter, found the bus but then had to wait for the next as we had no change and only way to pay was using the machine in the bus which only took coins. Never mind, nipped into shopping centre, bought a postcard, got change and we caught the ... read more
Geneva swans
Bob posing on one of the picturesque Geneva Lake bridges
Beautiful clock which I found by following the lovely sound of its bells

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva September 1st 2014

Nikki had been working in Geneva so I thought I would ‘multi task’ by making the most of a free hotel room & checking off another new country from my list, by going to visit her… And they say men can’t multi task. Before I left for Geneva Nikki said “All the signs are in English…” “Everyone speaks English…” “You get a free ticket from inside the airport, at baggage reclaim, that lets you travel into central Geneva, it only takes 20 minutes…” When I arrived in Geneva guess what happened? None of the signs were in English. No one spoke English The ‘free’ ticket is only valid for 30 minutes from arrival and as no signs were in English I got lost trying to find how to get out of the bloody airport to the ... read more
Lake Geneva
Saint Peter's Cathedral
Beneath the cathedral

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva August 6th 2014

Day 36: I came to Switzerland to hike and not spend a lot of money. It is incredibly difficult to find hiking trails online. Why is that? Someone make a website. Go. I looked on my TripAdvisor app (shameless advertising) for basically the first time ever for activities and found a bike rental place. FOR FREE. So naturally I went to rent a bike. I put down 20...currencies (francs! franks?) and rented the bike for 4 hours. I biked along the south side of Lake Geneva until I decided to stop for a snack. I found a little park next to a beach with a stand. I was so confused when the currency was Euros. Turns out I was in France. No border signs. Nothing. Oops. Also it turns out Geneva was 22 km away. So ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva July 21st 2014

The drive from Alice Bel Colle was as beautiful as the trip there through the Alps. We arrived at our next apartment in Geneva. In the evening, we met a student living in the apartments that was working on his doctorate at CERN. Pretty cool. The next morning, we awoke, packed and headed over to the exhibits at CERN (CERN is an international gathering of scientists and the largest particle accelerator in the world where they discovered the particle responsible for gravity!). Dad was quite excited by the whole thing, comparable to a child on Christmas morning. The exhibit was interesting too. There were live experiments, explanations, pieces of the historical accelerators as well as parts of the actual accelerators and detectors on display. The visual experience in the globe exhibition area explained about what they ... read more
Old style detector - CERN

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva June 22nd 2014

I am moving to Geneva. And before the big move I spent a week there at the end of May. It was my first time visiting this city. To my surprise, it is much smaller than I expected. There is only 200 000 people leaving here and it seems very quiet. I don't know what I was expecting but after a year in NYC and having travelled through some of the biggest city in Asia, this city just feel like a town to me. I hope that there is more to do here than it seems. Why going to Geneva? Ok so my first reason to go to Geneva is because I have been offered a job there. And this actually is my main reason. This job is a great opportunity and I will work with ... read more
lake side view
tip of the lake
view of the famous water jet

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva May 1st 2014

My trip to Geneva was short, but very nice. I left from OTP on the 1st of May, at 06:25 am on the W6 3087 flight and got to GVA on time (08:05 am). The weather was lovely, cloudy and somewhat cold, perfect to walk around. I spent the 2nd of May wandering aimlessly around the streets... Because of the weather I didn't really take many pictures, but the feeling was nice... On the 3rd of May I went to visit CERN, which was amazing. I didn't really see much there, but simply stepping into such a research facility is a dream come true for me, as a researcher. A downside to this whole trip was how expensive everything was there. I didn't really expect it. Fortunately, I decided to make the most of it and ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva March 10th 2014

Mardi 18 février : Départ de Kabul en direction d’Istanbul. Le vol décolle à 11:30. Regarder 2 films : Captain Philipps et Gravity. Arrive à Istanbul, j’ai 17 heures à attendre, Turkish me fournit la chambre d’hôtel. L’hôtel et la chambre sont correct, mais situe dans le quartier industriel de l’aéroport. Mon repas en terre turque sera un Burger King. C’est un peu drôle, il y a environ 16 ans j’étais venu à Istanbul et j’avais visite la Turquie, c’est comme si je revenais sur mes pas. Mercredi 19 février : Levé a 5 :00. Déjeuner de style buffet. Départ de l’hôtel à 6 :00. Arrive à l’aéroport à 6 :15. Formalités et vol jusqu’à Genève, OK. Arrive à Genève avec 20 minutes de retard à 11 :00. Mon ami et ancien collègue de la RDC ... read more
Geneve 2
Geneve 3
Geneve 4

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva February 12th 2014

Murray had some work meetings in Geneva, and managed a day on the slopes in February 2014.... read more
Le chateau de Voltaire
French farm House
Front of the Farm house

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva August 8th 2013

Regardless of the weather we decided that today we would go to Geneva for the day, so (by our standards) we made an early start to drive there. There was of course the inevitable tolls, but as it was only about 85km, they weren't as traumatic as the drive here. There were some passport checks at the border and then as soon as we crossed, we were straight into Geneva. One thing to note when driving into Switzerland, you will need to buy a toll sticker for the car if you are planning on driving on the motorways (sign-posted in green, rather than the blue that's used in France and the UK). As we were only driving into Geneva, we didn't need one. Things did start to get a bit traumatic when we were trying to ... read more
Monte Bianco

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva July 20th 2013

More photos from Switzerland Geneva,we are in Venice now it's been sticking hot,but have walked everywhere,and this afternoon we went on a Gondola ride in our boat were 2Auzzies and 2 Kiwis!!!!!! We had a ball, whilst were ere being serendaded by an old bloke ,He was very good So tomorrow is he day we he'd off to terminal and pick up the cruise There is so many people in Venice it's unbelievable!!!!! But it's fun I'm getting quite sunburnt and looking a bit brown,so is Kevin,He's having fun taking all His pictures S... read more

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