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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva May 10th 2016

Nous voilà à la veille du départ. Demain, c'est le grand jour... Bref, j'ai hâte. Je vais commencer par vous montrer le plan(en gros hein) de mon voyage. Je prendrai demain l'avion à 18h20 vers Copenhague. Puis, direction Elseneur pour le château de Kronborg. De là, je prendrai le ferry pour Helsingborg. Ensuite, je profiterai du train jusqu'à Göteborg, d'où je rejoindrai Oslo. La capitale sera mon point d'ancrage pour 2 aller-retour, l'un en direction de Bergen, l'autre vers Trondheim. Pour finir, je passerai par Stockholm pour prendre un ferry vers Helsinki. Voilà (en gros) mon plan d'escales mais il est tout à fait possible qu'une ou deux destinations supplémentaires s'ajoutent au cours du voyage.... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva May 10th 2016

There's just one day left before that I fly to Denmark, so I'll write down the different steps of my travel. First, well, I'll stay a few days in Copenhagen, the capital. Then, I'll take the train to Helsingor, where there's Kronborg's castle. From there, I can take a boat to Helsingborg in Sweden. The next destinations are in Norway. I'll visit Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. After that, I'll go back to Sweden for the capital, Stockholm. Finally, I'll go to Finland's capital, Helsinki. Some cities may be added to this(already) long list, but we'll see whether or not I have enough time.... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva October 2nd 2015

First time going to Switzerland my dad woke me up since I had passed out after my alarm ringing and I almost missed my flight, theres a first time for everything. Made it there and had a lift with a blablacar ride going to Aarau, it was a guy and his mom talking in their own language and in the end I passed out and slept all the way to Aarau. They dropped me off outside the city by the highway and I managed to hitchike into the center of the city. My friend was working all day at the tattoo studio there, but his friends brought me down to the river for a swim and for beers - its like a small piece of paradise, and I would never have found it on my own. ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva August 22nd 2015

On the British schooling system, the kids and I had 7 weeks holiday (the kids actually have 8 weeks), so we spent 6 weeks in Europe, as Murray was working from the Geneva office. This meant Murray got up at his regular time and went to work Monday-Friday, and came home approximately 6pm every evening. Just to clarify, Murray was not on holiday, but we made the most of the summer evenings and weekends. The kids and I enjoyed our apartment, till we were told off for being too loud, more on that later. We saw a bit of Geneva and explored a little around the Ferney area which is on the French side of the border where we were staying. Mostly we just slept in, rested and swam. I underestimated how tired I was from ... read more
Our little family lakeside
The Lake
Swimming in Lake Geneva

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva June 28th 2015

Day 9 - Went to the conference center once again, I did more workshopes and sessions. At the very beggining, we had a keynote speaker and he was Sir Ken Robinson! He has made very famous TED Talks. After two very interesting workshopes, we had lunch. The ones that I went to were Why/how does service learing matter to you? Also, we got to go outside and see the world thourgh the eyes of the little kids in the Kindergarten Forest school. After lunch, I played with some nice kids from the Virgin Islands, their names were Ari and Gabreille. After fun racing games, it was time for dinner. Next, we got to go to an tent entertainment session, were we heard poetry by Klint Smith, a traditional Indian dance, and Kat Garcia came to talk ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva June 26th 2015

Day 7 - We traveled first class in a Bullet Train and arrived in Geneva. The Alps were as beautiful as I had imagined. The city was clean and the people are calm and friendly, compared to Paris where they seem to have no problem running over pedestrians. The items in the stores were very pretty, but very expensive. Food was also very expensive!! Visited the United Nations office where we toured the "living museum", and other pieces of unique artwork. I thought that it was very interesting to see and learn about. Then it was time to do a little bit of shopping for souveniers (better luck than we had in Paris)😉 Had dinner, Potato Augratin completed with Gelato for dessert, yummmmy!!🍧 Day 8 - The day began with a close to nine-hour bus ride. ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva May 1st 2015

I went to Geneva because while searching for internships a few months ago, I got an offer (after i had already confirmed in Ghana) at the International Coordinating Committee for National Human Rights institutions, who is situation in the UN Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Place of Nations in Geneva. They allowed me to extend the internship offer till next year, and so I just went there to meet the staff. So right after I arrived, I went to visit Dad’s friend, John Fried (the Ambassador for Canada to the World Trade Organization) at the Canadian Permanent Mission to Geneva. John gave me some advice on Ghana, and then I asked where I could take a shower to clean up for the meeting. He advised there were showers at the airport, ... read more
Permanent Mission of Canada
Palace of Nations

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva January 13th 2015

When my friend and his wife came to visit me in France I took them around several places, and also to Switzerland which borders France. From where I lived it was easy to travel to Geneva a beautiful city in Switzerland. It's not often that one has to act the role of tour guide, but that's what happened to me when my friend and his wife from the United States came to visit me when I was living in France. It was a pleasant encounter as I had lost contact with him for over 40 years. I didn't even recognize him when I went to pick them up at the railway station in Bourg en Bresse (the French city where I lived at that time). They were coming in from Paris. and when the train stopped ... read more
Bourg-en-Bresse, France.
Bourg-en-Bresse, France
St Julien, France

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva December 31st 2014

well, better late than never! 2 groovers got lost in the really bad snow storm in Geneva. What a journey! We were on the 7am bus from Annecy France to go across the Alps to Geneva. Although its only 35 mins away, the journey on bus should have taken 1hr 20 mins max. So 2.5 hours later we arrive. The journey was interesting to say the least. Firstly, it was the first of winter snow, and a snow storm we had. Speed was limited to about 40klms, you couldn't possibly do more.!...We were buffeted from left to right, the journey was not one I'd like to repeat. At one point, we were coming around a bend from one road to another, and a truck had pulled over, due to lack of vision. We should have ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva October 18th 2014

It has been a while seen I last wrote on my blog. But I have been busy doing stuffs. You might wonder what: well lot of stuff. Plus we had a lovely month of September and October. So I had to get out to play in the sun and eat all the ice cream I could. There was a Movenpick ice cream truck near the lake. Don't say Movenbrick or the Swiss will laugh at you (true story…). Then I discovered one in Carouge. I like wondering around in Carouge on a sunny afternoon, it's lovely. The atmosphere there is relaxed and there is way less tourist than in the city centre. And the gelato here are really good. I will make this spot on the 'place du Marché' my hang out next summer. I also ... read more
display of Kyudo on lake Geneva
Thun in the rain
view of Thun in the sun

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