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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva August 16th 2017

Wednesday 9 August I know what toys I want and I'm getting much better at moving to get them, but I have to pull the mat toward me or spin around or push myself back on my back by arching back. I love rolling from side to side and exploring! But it's so frustrating I can't crawl or walk yet! I keep kicking my legs but I can't move yet unless I push my feet against mummy! I'm also able to make a lot more sounds and squeals and I'm practicing the bababab sound. Mummy sometimes copies me so I must be doing it right! In the bathtub I also try to move around and grab the big shiny silver cord but mummy tries to stop me! My favourite thing is to pull myself up using ... read more
Grandpa in front of the smorgasbord lunch selection on the top floor of Manor
With grandma at Manor overlooking Geneva
With grandma and Gabrielle - the world's longest bench is behind me!

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva August 2nd 2017

It was late in the evening when we unlocked the door to our next home - Rue Jean-Calvin in Geneva. My pram wouldn't fit into the lift, so I was carried upstairs :). We weren't there long. Almost immediately, I was carried back down, and put back in my pram. The cobbled streets bounced me off to sleep, whilst mummy and daddy found a place to eat nearing midnight aside the Old Arsenal. A very accomplished violinist was practicing / busking adjacent to the restaurant, so dinner was accompanied by live music. This was not the lifestyle mummy had when she lived in Geneva - she rarely went out to dinner back then! Daddy was very tired the next morning because apparently, after dinner, he had attempted to move the car closer to our apartment. After ... read more
Fête de Genève
Fête de Genève
Fête de Genève

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva July 5th 2017

We decided to go for it and get on the bus (Bus F) into Geneva today. Simple enough? No. We got onto our bus with money in hand only to discover the driver does not sell tickets; it is done by way of an automated vending machine which only takes coins!!! 😱 We had none - so sat down and took our seats hoping we would not be found out. Along our route we passed the United Nations, UNICEF and the famous "3 legged chair". Our trip was only about 15-20 minutes. We made the trip into the main Train Station (Gare Cornavin). We weren't arrested for riding without a ticket but immediately went to a location where we could purchase some Swiss Franc coins for our return back to our BnB. We then headed to ... read more
Lake Geneva
Wayne at Lake Geneva, Switzerland
The floral clock at Lake Geneva

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva June 30th 2017

Kids have finished their first full school year in Switzerland, yippie! They have done so well with all the changes and the transition from Kenya. This term they all had shows at the theatre where they do speech and drama. Emma had her lower school show and her ballet show. There was sports day at school. Hayley and Emma did well in the throws and Charlotte did well in the high jump. Murray and I both were more inclined to running, so a bit of a surprise. Charlotte and Hayley went on their residential trips, a big achievement for Hayley to be away from home for such a long time. They both had a fabulous time, a huge credit to their teachers for organising such a fabulous week away. They are all swimming in the lake ... read more
Chars theatre show
Hayley theatre moment
The cast at Emmas theatre show

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva June 2nd 2017

This morning I woke up in Montreux at the extreme east end of Lake Geneva (see photo). The mountains that you can see in the picture are in France on the south side of the lake. After breakfast, I drove along the north shore all the way to the extreme west end of the lake. It took less than two hours to get to the city of Geneva. My first stop was CERN, the international scientific society and the site of the LHC, the Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest particle accelerator. There are two permanent exhibits at CERN and I went to both. The first exhibit is about the LHC and how it works. I took a picture of their picture (see photo). That was a close as I came to it because they don't ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva April 24th 2017

Monday, 24th April 2017 I had only the morning to explore the city of Geneva proper before continuing my journey on the train to Interlaken in the afternoon. I was up rather early this morning which was okay considering that my hotel room wasn't that comfortable anyway. I headed straight to the Main Station where I caught a tram to the United Nations Office. This was where I took pictures outside the main gates. Overlooking the Broken Chair Sculpture, this is a must-see Geneva icon for me. I also walked to the nearby International Red Cross Museum and took more pictures of the buildings. Since the museum is closed on Mondays (which was a pity), I wasted no time to head back to the city centre to have a quick breakfast followed by some grocery shopping ... read more
At Peace
Geneva Railway Station
Blue Geneva

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva April 23rd 2017

Sunday, 23rd April 2017 There was nothing much I could do when I learnt that my flight to Geneva was re-timed to 8.20pm this evening. This translated to a looooonnng waiting time at Prague Airport and forgoing my trip to the International Red Cross Museum. The best I could manage was to condense my itinerary in Geneva to a mere few hours on Monday morning. I had to wake up rather early the following day in order to make up for the lost time. Anyway, I baded farewell to H at Prague and thanked him for his great companionship and graciousness for the past few days. With so much time to spare before my flight, I took my lunch at the staffs' cafeteria and snacks at the boarding gate before my dinner on board the Swiss ... read more
lunch at the airport
My free ride to the Geneva Hotel
At Hotel Lido

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva January 1st 2017

Geo: 46.2, 6.16667After not much sleep, we awoke at 3.55am as we had a pick up for the airport for 5.15am. Final check of the bags, we waited in the lobby for the pick up. Still so many New Years Eve revellers going home after partying all night, we arrived at the airport, checked in for our flight, then headed towards the gate to where we hoped Nikki will be, after having a sim card in our phones that chewed through the data, I had to wait until we got through Customs before logging onto Wifi. Still no message from Nikki, we knew she had arrived, but weren't quite sure where she was. Eventually we got a message, and headed towards the gate. Nikki was quite frustrated as she could not connect to the airport Wifi, ... read more
Approaching the Swiss Alps
Check out the shadow in the snow, amazing!
Snow everywhere

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva December 13th 2016

After a busy European summer filled with visitors, September hit and school started. This term we experienced the weather changing into autumn and then winter. It was fun to see the seasons for the first time through the kid’s eyes. One of the kids described autumn as when it “rains leaves”. School started well, the children transitioned so well and quickly made friends. So much so, I actually cried in shock during each parent teacher interview, tears of relief that we haven’t ruined our children having moved them from Kenya, their “home” country. People at school seemed to enjoy our gradual adding of extra clothing, and as winter hit we did seem to be a little in shock! It was cold, brrrr. I was very happy to get a long coat that resembles a sleeping bag, ... read more
Swim wear
C and H last kayak before the end of summer, Lake Geneva
Tired from Tennis

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva October 16th 2016

Autumn of 2016. Our son had one week off from school, so an opportunity to hit the road again. Cigdem would like to see the medieval village of Yvoire at Lake Geneva. We used this spot as reference to explore the surroundings of Lake Geneva. Via AirBNB we found a reasonable room. We also decided to combined our trip with a visit to my cousin who is living in Switzerland. Saturday morning we left from Vlaardingen and arrived at Spreitenbach around dinner time. I did not saw my cousin and her family for almost 7/8 years so we had a long evening to talk about the last years. In combination of a nice wine and good food and off course the nice conversation time fled and it was time to go bed. The next morning after ... read more
Brunswick Monument - Geneva
Jet  d'Eau - Geneva

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