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June 17th 2012
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June 12th.June 12th.June 12th.

Our going away party at the community hall.
Wow, it has sure been hot over the past number of days. Avery has been loving it, but for me it has been too warm. The heat however has permitted us to do a number of fun activities. First of all, the grade 3 to 6 students from the school went to the river Laire Friday afternoon to do some frolicking around. The river was cold and nice and refreshing. I had a good time splashing all of the students that didn't want to get wet. It was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon in the hot, hot sun.

I enjoyed the Laire so much that Avery, the kids and I went down to the river again Saturday. It was hotter Saturday as the temperature reached 33 degrees Celcius. We had lots of fun throwing rocks into the river. We even packed a picnic and ate down by the river.

Today we went to a little splash park/swimming pool to be refreshed. Again, it was nice to go into the cold water on such a hot day. I am even sweating typing this blog. Afterwards, we are going to church. They changed to time on us and
Le bord de la Laire.Le bord de la Laire.Le bord de la Laire.

The river that we went to. It was refreshing.
we will be heading to church at 5:00 pm.

Over the past week and a half, I have been enjoying the action of EURO 2012. This is the soccer (football) championship for Europe. There has been some good action and I have a little contest going with my students. We each picked the country that we thought would win the title. I picked Germany and so far they are 2-0. We will see what transpires. Most of my students picked Portugal. So, each morning, we update the tournament information and calculate all of the points for all of the teams. It has been fun doing this with the students.

Over the last week, it seems that there has been party after party for me. Tuesday, June 12, the parents of my students had a little going away party for us. It was sure nice and thoughtful. We had a potluck meal. They call a potluck, "Buffet Canadien" in French. When I first heard this term, I thought that it was referring to canadian food, but it was just used to refer to a potluck meal. I must say that I was humbled by this gesture from the parents. I was not expecting it. The next day, June 13, it was my birthday. We went out to McSorley's Pub and Restaurant and had a nice juicy burger. Apparently, they have the best burgers in Geneva. It was sure delicious! And now, today, it is Father's Day! So needless to say, it has been the quite the week for me.

I can't believe that the school year is almost over. As a teacher, I find that the years fly by. However, this year has been faster than a speeding bullet. I have to say that I am excited to come home, but I will miss my colleagues and my students. It is a weird feeling to think that I will most likely never see the majority of these people again. So, that makes it a bit hard to leave.



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